Xiangxi rural New Year, what strange and fun customs?

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Hi everyone, we meet again, I am your old friend – farmer Zhang.Thank you all for your support and encouragement all the time. With your support and encouragement, I can go further in the writing road and continuously bring more useful and good information to you.As usual, today we continue to talk about the countryside!Now the Spring Festival is coming. As we all know, the Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China with a long history. Every year during the Spring Festival, every family is preparing goods for the New Year, and friends who work outside will rush home for reunion.In addition, because the Spring Festival is a national festival in China, so we pay special attention to, so each place has different customs and habits of the Spring Festival, today I will share with you our Xiangxi rural New Year has what strange and more interesting customs.Xiangxi rural Spring Festival what strange customs?Say to our Chinese New Year customs xiangxi, in fact there are many, many, today I will share three of whom I think is more fun, more profound memory of the rural customs, hope everybody can carefully read: 1 big drop around the village remember when we were young, each to the day of the New Year’s eve, every household will eat dinner early on, and then left home just a little personal guard,The rest of the family went out and gathered at the entrance to the village.After all the representatives from each household had arrived, the oldest man in the village would go door to door with everyone. No matter who went to his house, the host would give all kinds of candy, melon seeds, peanuts and dried fruits to entertain them.The visiting team, is to have cultured into someone’s home, can speak some English words, or will sing some songs to bless you, if it’s good relations with the host family, may also sit down for a cup of tea, a cigarette, a chat, relationship between general grasp a few candy, said two other message went away, to a continue to visit.Generally, such visits are limited to one or two nearby courtyards and do not go very far, because time does not permit.Door to block after seven o ‘clock in the evening, we went back to the village to burn a campfire, campfire sing folk songs, dance, or a man of talent will show some talent, of course, the rich and the most important thing is that some people will be on the scene to all the children package a small red envelope, as long as the children were present, very lively, also very atmosphere.Unfortunately, no one has organized this kind of activity for several years now. Firstly, some young people are unwilling to participate in this activity, and secondly, due to the epidemic in recent years, large-scale gatherings are not allowed. Therefore, this activity has been cancelled.Many places have this custom, but the dragon lantern dance in our county is quite special.Our local dragon lantern teams are basically composed of dragon lantern enthusiasts. There are three or four dragon lantern teams in our county, and each team has about 10 people.Annual lunar calendar every year after grade, these dragon lantern team will gather together, to ZouCunChuanHu performance, also known as “dragon send goods”, such as a dragon lantern team today to come to our village “send money”, then we will set off firecrackers to greet them, and see who the dragon lantern team set off firecrackers, who will be going “send money”.The so-called “send money”, that is, several dragon lantern teams go to the villagers’ homes together to dance the dragon lanterns for a few minutes, and then say some words of blessing, if the host sets off more firecrackers, the dragon lantern dancers will be more enthusiastic, the host will also use firecrackers to fry the dragon lanterns.Think about it, when the dragon lantern dancers come to perform in the courtyard, if the host family lights the firecrackers and throws them in the dragon lantern team dance, then the dragon lantern dancers will jump around in the courtyard to avoid the firecrackers, which is very funny.In addition, some hosts will put several high stools or large square tables in the courtyard, and let several dragon lantern teams perform on them.Sometimes several teams of people who do not accept who, all come up with special skills to stand on the table and chair performance, this is really wonderful, but there are some dangers, there have been accidents, so now can rarely see this activity.Now I especially recall the scene of the dragon Lantern dance in the past, we had fun together, laughed together, forget all the troubles, but now it is hard to see this kind of activity again.3 New Year’s Eve, waiting for the “mouse married daughter” in our local (xiangxi county), there is such a saying, is the New Year’s Eve night “mice will marry daughter”, when the mice will all out, one by one lined up, very spectacular.It is also said that anyone who can see “the mouse marrying her daughter” on New Year’s Eve will have bad luck for the year and be successful in everything he does.From older people tell us, and don’t sleep on New Year’s eve, look at the beam, so you can see “rats marry daughter”, also don’t know is our age small easy to fool, or the old people say very true, anyway, we can special believe that when I was a child, so that when I was a little boy, I have been looking forward to see “rats marry daughter”.But so far we have never seen the so-called “mouse married daughter”, most of the time are looking at the beam, fell asleep.Why there is this saying, in fact, I do not know, it is estimated that the old people in order to let us wake the New Year, and deliberately made up the “lie”?Anyway, now that we are adults, we tell our children the same thing, hoping that they can see this magical “mouse married daughter”.Conclusion: the above is all I want to share with you today. In fact, there are many customs of the Rural Chinese New Year, such as making dumplings, worshipping ancestors, setting off firecrackers, cleaning the house and so on.However, due to the limited time today, I will share so much for the moment, later I will share other content to you, if you are also interested in rural customs, you might as well give me a attention, so that you will not miss my later content updates.Ok, that’s all for today. If you have anything else to say, please leave a comment in the comments section. Finally, I would like you to forward this article and press the “Like” button, thank you!