When you can’t keep up, read these five sentences from Kazuo Inamori

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Inamori kazuo can be said to be a god like existence, he created the world’s top 500 enterprises, has a lot of wealth.He was also a prolific writer whose books sell well to this day.But he himself in his later years after success, chose to become a monk in the temple to understand the true meaning of life.The reason why he was able to achieve so many achievements is closely related to his way of thinking.In particular, the following five sentences have been praised by many people.1. The path of life is drawn by the heart.Therefore, no matter how grim their situation, the mind should not be haunted by pessimistic thoughts.From time to time, there are reports on the Internet of people who can’t bear the pressure of life and choose to kill themselves.If they had read this quote from Inamori, they might have thought otherwise.Born human, no one is easy, the bottom of the people have the pain of the bottom, middle and high class people also have their sad.We always have to learn to adjust their own heart, those difficult things will pass one day.Learn to digest pessimism without letting it take root in your heart.2. It’s better to love the job you have than to find the job you love. It’s better to love the job you have than to dream it.It is said that our generation of young people especially advocate freedom, a little unsatisfactory in the work will leave, but not necessarily find a suitable job, but wasted their precious time, missed more promotions and salary possibilities.Here also hope that in the process of work, can be careful to face their own choices.Figure out why you’re doing the job and why you want to leave right now.If you already have a clear plan, go ahead and do it.But if just because met some unpleasant things, want to leave the way to escape.Figure out if the next job is going to give you what you want, and if not, is it sustainable?In fact, when our abilities are not greatly improved, all the jobs we can find are almost the same. At this time, rather than changing jobs frequently, we should change our way of thinking and fall in love with our current jobs.In general, the people who do great things are the ones who think big. They have a plan before they start.Inamori kazuo believes that when implementing a plan, you should be optimistic in the early stage, and the plan should have a certain space for growth. Only in this way can he inspire you to continue.Keep a pessimistic attitude as you go along, because there are all kinds of difficulties you may face.If you think of the worst at the beginning, you won’t panic if you encounter any unexpected situations.4. The most important thing from the moment you want to actually create is to trust yourself, which means to be confident.We all know the importance of confidence, but will hesitate in the face of difficulties, began to doubt their ability, worried that this thing will do well, but I want to say, if you can not even take the first step out, how to talk about success?Confidence is never an empty word, it can make us more brave, so as to achieve more possibilities.If a person has no self-confidence, then he will fall into self-doubt when he accomplishes something.Over time, there will be no good things to do, many times rather than tangle, brave to try.It’s great to succeed, it’s ok to fail, at least you tried, and you will be closer to success.If you always stop in the same place, then you may not even succeed.5. Whenever you stop complaining, be grateful.Many people know of Inamori kazuo’s brilliant achievements, but few people know that he was not a lucky boy.At the age of 13, Kazuo Inamori suffered from tuberculosis.After graduating from university, Inamori joined a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy, and then started another company, only to see employees resign en masse.At that time, Inamori also felt very unlucky, he could not understand why god should treat him this way.On the night of the factory’s collective resignation, Kazuo Inamori walked alone by the river, looking up at the stars.He suddenly realized a life truth from his own experience: “Since there is no point in complaining, start today and stop being a complainer and become a positive person.”It was this huge shift in thinking that allowed Inamori to think on the bright side of everything he did afterward.When you meet difficulties in your work, instead of complaining, try to solve them.At the beginning of his business, he took all kinds of difficulties from customers as challenges in his life. He always thought about how to meet the requirements of customers and how to solve the difficulties faced by the company.”You attract everything that happens,” Inamori once said. “When you complain, you attract more shit.”And if you look at our lives, it’s not hard to see that people who are positive and optimistic also tend to have better secrets.So stop complaining now and be a positive person!