A lengmen scenic spot in Jilin province, named “Nanlou Mountain” because of its shape, the scenery of the four seasons are like ink painting

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Jilin a less popular scenic area, because of the shape is named as the “south mountain”, the scenery of four seasons are like ink and wash in the New Year coming soon, don’t know if you have in the New Year want to travel plan, actually a lot of tourist attractions are worth us to clock in, including those famous scenic area is not very big but there is super material.For example, the cold gate scenic spot in Jilin is named Nanlou Mountain because of its shape. The scenery of the four seasons is as beautiful as ink painting, which is a very rare beauty to see.The beauty of nanlou Mountain scenic area in Jilin is that it is very beautiful all the year round. Like when spring comes, we can go for a spring outing here, and we can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of those flowers in spring.This time the scenic spot is not so lively, everything looks very fresh and natural, let a person have a kind of feeling as if back to a piece of mountain garden, especially comfortable.And when the summer comes can find everything here is full of vitality, is already started with streams flowing between a rock and some small waterfall began to like a ribbon and a hanging on the prominent mountain stream, they sometimes look like a ribbon sometimes like a thick mist hung over the mountain, a dream is very elegant.When autumn comes, all the colors of the leaves here become red, yellow and other different colors, basically the word is to describe the beautiful scenery of the trees in nanlou Mountain.And here is a piece of ice and snow world in winter, many white snowflakes quietly located above the green pine of the collision of two color beautiful, and between the trees the bushes and the early in the morning dew, within the entire scenic area will be covered with a thin layer of fog, let people as if into a piece of magic fairyland in general, very good.This is why I recommend you come here to travel, because no matter what the season we can all see here the perfection of beauty, especially when the summer we can go to lie the longtan, take a look at the bottom of the green pool, of what is, also can go to watch the plunging waterfalls bring us visual shock,You can also catch fish swimming in the stream with your good friends. This kind of experience between the countryside, I believe that no one will refuse.And in the woods can see a variety of small animals nearly 300 kinds, like our favorite sika deer, mandarin duck, pheasant and so on such species of small animals are countless, and located in the forest in a variety of plant resources are also very rich, so bring us the fun should be endless.