40 units!1,056 households have started a happy life of “one-click direct”

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87-year-old Aunt Zhang went downstairs by elevator to the small garden to bask in the sun, listen to the birds chirping and watch the children playing. There are many old people like Aunt Zhang in Jinniu Huayuan community. With the completion of the elevator, they finally realized their dream of going downstairs and embraced the beautiful spring scenery whole-heartedly.Jinniuhuayuan community has become the first public housing community in Caohejing Street of Xuhui District to realize the full coverage of the installation of elevators, and 40 residential gate buildings will use new elevators.Among them, 18 elevators have been put into use, 5 elevators have been lifted, 6 elevators have been hardened, and 11 elevators have been put into operation. 1056 residents have started the happy life of “one-click direct”.Recently, the 2022 Xuhui district multi-storey residential elevator installation activities were held in jinniuhuayuan community, concentrated delivery of 18 elevators resident representatives with extremely excited mood, received the door to happiness “golden key” and the installation of elevator IC card.Elevator engineering “tailored” to make “impossible” into “possible” people hope, the direction of the government, both multi-storey residential ladder work related to the people’s “happiness value”.Jinniuhuayuan residential area was built in 1996, a total of 40 doors, 60 years old residents accounted for more than 50%, the elevator has long been a strong desire of the elderly.After 11 months of hard work, jinniuhuayuan district all buildings through the installation of elevator advice, become the first street with full coverage of the elevator community.Among them, not only condensed the blood and sweat of all the residents, but also condensed the hard work of the city, district, street, neighborhood committee, industry committee and the ladder unit, which fully demonstrates the confidence and determination of the street to make concerted efforts to promote the implementation of the ladder people’s project.However, in the preliminary feasibility assessment report, only 28 of the 40 gate buildings in the community are suitable for additional installation, 8 are difficult to install, and 4 are not suitable for additional installation. The difficulties are dense pipeline arrangement, congenital limitation of capacitance, congenital deficiency of greening, etc.If the building does not have the conditions to install the elevator, why does it start smoothly?In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Caohejing Street said, “The installation of the elevator is a project for the benefit of the people, for the urgent need to install the door, with the heart of children, children’s love to create everything possible to install conditions, and strive to not let a door fall, not to let a hanging old man trapped.”For evaluating result is more difficult to add, not suitable for adding, but residents add ladder will strongly storied building, street grasped the nettle and active coordination, the municipal party committee organization department, the city by the letter committee, the municipal councils, the city housing authority, area, area of room canal bureau JianGuanWei departments such as mutual support, to carry out the prophase pipeline necessary work, such as shift, power capacity for ladder engineering “give way”.Caohejing Street also invited relevant experts to study and guide, and sought for a breakthrough in promoting the ladder work by adjusting the design scheme to release green space.With solid preparatory work, Jinniu Garden has become the first community in the city to promote the evaluation of 40 sets of mass elevator project and get a one-time pass.From a single building to break the ice to 40 doors advance together, so far, Jinniu Huayuan residential area to install the elevator into the “fast lane”.The “troika” let the residents twist into a “rope” and install the elevator from zero to full coverage, behind every look of expectation, is the persistence of “difficult to adjust”.”All methods are written on paper, but there are always difficulties in putting them into practice.It’s normal to encounter different sounds in the elevator installation.”Experienced the village full coverage of the test of the ladder, Jinniu residential district party general branch secretary Zhou Hongying moved.In the process, she met residents on different floors who objected for various reasons.Some agree to install but do not want to pay the money, some difficult families can not take money, and some have rented the house is not willing to add ladder……How to twist the residents into a “rope”?Years of grass-roots governance experience told Zhou Hongying to actively play the role of “fighting fortress” and “adhesive” of the party general Branch in residential areas:Strengthen the leadership of party construction, take the initiative to step forward coordination, give play to the “troika” efficiency, form the linkage mechanism of neighborhood committee, industry committee and property, build a platform for community residents, follow up relevant progress at any time, interweave the organization of various resources, in order to solve the “knot” of the problem one by one.”We can’t leave a single house behind!”As the secretary of the party general branch in the residential area, she bore the brunt of the active mobilization, reasoning in the situation, played a “small people, but positive energy greatly” in the residential area leader goose role.”Since the launch of the elevator, I have no weekends and no off-work time. I have to work until 9 or 10 PM every day, and even communicate with residents until 11 PM, which is a common thing.”She has worn out her mouth and flattened her heels as she successfully added elevators to each building.In the soft and hard “battle”, also gradually let the golden cow garden of the ladder dream shine into reality.In the crowd at the event, Fei Wei, the head of building 26, smiled brightly. “Our building was the last one to sign the contract, and the approval rate was only 50% at the beginning.But after many efforts, we sat together to discuss problems and discuss solutions. We visited one household five times in total. Fortunately, in the end, no one questioned the installation of an elevator.””I’m not only happy for the residents upstairs, but also happy that my efforts over the past few months have borne fruit,” fei said.It turned out that he was also a member of the “three-man team” that installed the elevator in Building 26.In order to give play to the role of community governance autonomous rule, caohejing street will be throughout the whole process of people’s democracy practice to ladder work always, guide the rc was set up in each building equipped with elevator “trio”, promote the ideas, enthusiasm and play a role of coordination in the will of the community residents, voice feedback owner, solve problems and hidden trouble of adding ladder.Shi Aunt is an old party member, warm-hearted she has both public praise and prestige in the residents.So when a resident invited her to join a group of three, the second-floor resident said yes.Speaking of the reason for her “taking over”, Shi auntie said that the installation of the elevator is a convenient policy for the people, although their own demand for the elevator is not urgent, but she is willing to make efforts for the old neighbors to enjoy this policy.In addition, the leaders of buildings no. 18, 20, 23, 28 and 33 are all residents living on the first floor, but they still actively participate in the “three-person team”, running up and down to work, influencing those residents who have concerns, and achieving twice the result with half the effort.In the consultation process, some young couples who live in high-rise buildings said, “I can exercise if I walk five floors.”The team of three communicated with each other many times and explained in detail what practical difficulties the residents of Kati had. The reasonable young couple finally changed their attitude and understood.When the elevator was completed, they praised it again and again, saying, “No longer need to hold a child to climb the stairs, and it is more convenient to carry the express home.”With the support of the residents, the hard work of the “three team”, the multi-coordination of the “three carriage”, as well as the “multiple joint efforts” of the city, district, street, ladder units and relevant departments, jinniu Huayuan community has created the “favorable conditions at the right time and the right place”.Superimposed a number of people’s livelihood projects to continue to upgrade an elevator “dividend”, not only brings the elderly travel convenience, but also connected with more practical people.For further fulfills “the city” concept, to speed up the pace of “three old” change “sanxin”, under the guidance of xuhui district housing authority, the Taurus garden plot and ladder synchronous “binding” beautiful home construction project, will be equipped with elevator operator micro synchronization community updates, such as “beautiful corridor” fusion propulsion, unified design, unified construction, through the superposition of multiple projects, improving the quality of houses at the same time,It also improves the “soft power” of corridor civilized governance and increases residents’ sense of happiness and gain.In the residential area, the new 12, 13 model building, the newly built elevator and bright corridor with the building external walls.Step into the stairwell clean and fresh, wooden handrails permeated with the warmth of home.Residents took out their mobile phones to take photos, exclaiming, “Old dia!All of a sudden, it feels like an upscale neighborhood.”Resident Aunt Xu is the building leader, but also a volunteer.She is in the corridor is the earliest Taurus ladder corridor.Aunt Xu said, “our building was the first to reach a unified opinion, since the installation of the elevator, corridor beautification, our living environment and overall quality greatly improved.Neighbors see it in their eyes, but they are happy in their hearts.”Spring breeze not every year letter, jiangnan is a good scenery.At the same time, caohejing street this year’s elevator installation work has been fully rolled out.In the next step, Caohejing Street will continue to push forward the transformation of “three old buildings” into “three new ones” with a sense of urgency and a cohesive force of grasping hands. Based on thorough investigation and thorough investigation, caohejing Street will make a plan to add elevators to existing multi-storey residential buildings in 2022, so as to benefit people’s livelihood and build a beautiful community.Guess you like: all move back!Inner ring edge of the “chicken, duck and fish village”, the completion of almost “solitary example” old waterfront “appearance people”!Xuhui these two places, amazing time ~ historical block “reverse growth”, look at the total factor governance scheme of this street!Old house treasure | catch more fish circulation shop: The “ideal place” on Anfu Road old speed up!Run out of “three old” to “three new” acceleration source: Shanghai Xuhui