What are the scenic spots in Zhuang Lang

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Zhuanglang tourist attractions are: Zhaodungou terrace ecological scenic area, zhaona pond scenic area, youlongshan, Yunyasi National Forest Park, Zhulinsi reservoir, Zijingshan, water park and so on.Zhuanglang County belongs to Pingliang City of Gansu Province, located in the middle and eastern part of Gansu Province, and has won the titles of National Model County for Terraced Fields, National Advanced Collective for Soil and Water Conservation, and National Model County for Culture.Zhuanglang is located in the central and eastern part of Gansu Province, at the western foot of Liupan Mountain, adjacent to Huating City in the east, Jingning County in the west, adjacent to Longde County and Jingyuan County in ningxia In the north, and adjacent to Zhangjiachuan and Qin ‘an County in the south.The total area is 1553.14 square kilometers.2, Zhuanglang main tourist attractions Zhuanglang county climate belongs to the temperate monsoon climate, the main tourist attractions are Zhaodungou terrace ecological wind scenic area, Zhaona scenic area, you Long Mountain, Yunyasi National Forest Park, Zhulinsi reservoir, Zijing Mountain, water park, Chen Jiadong, etc.(1) Zhaodun Ditch Titian Ecological Scenic Spot, located 150 meters east of Provincial Road 218, Zhuanglang County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province.The total area of the scenic spot is 11.97 square kilometers, with 7200 mu of horizontal terraces, 4500 mu of ecological forest and 1125 mu of grassland.(2) Zhaoqiushui scenic spot, located in Gansu Province Pingliang City, Zhuanglang County zhenghe Village northeast qiushui mountain top.Qiantou Mountain, 2535 meters above sea level, is one of the birthplace of weihe River.Because it is in the ancient qiushui, named qiushui.(3) You Long Mountain, located in Nanhu Town, Zhuanglang County, Gansu Province.Dragon sunset is the first of the eight views of zhuang Lang.(4) Yunyasi National Forest Park, located in Yunyasi Scenic spot, 304 Provincial Road, east of Guanshan Mountain, Zhuanglang County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province.Scenic area steep mountains, qifeng competition show, known as four sixteen peaks.(5) Zhulinsi Reservoir, located near Highway 304, Zhuanglang County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province.Zhulinsi reservoir is based on irrigation, water supply, breeding, flood control, tourism and other functions.(6) Bauhinia Mountain, located in the South lane of Central Street, Shuiluo Town, Zhuanglang County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province.The redbud Mountain is named after the redbud tree planted all over the mountain.The main scenic spots are Yuxu Palace, ten Kings Hall, Wenchang Building, Guandi Temple, etc.(7) Water park, located in Shuiluo Town, Zhuanglang County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province.Park is a modern place of leisure and entertainment, suitable for walking, fishing, amusement play, zhuang Lang is an important scenic spot.(8) Chenjia Cave, located near Jinglong Road, Zhuanglang County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province.Located deep in the Guanshan Valley, the scenic spot is a quiet place of tourism integrating grotto art and natural landscape.Zhuanglang County has a long history and rich tourism resources. It is one of the important tourist destinations in Gansu Province.