This is Sally’s on-air attitude?14 sword ji rumor, with a lot of evidence back

2022-06-08 0 By

Since the end of the German cup, because of The HYA team Sally played two good performances, there has been a lot of controversy about Sally.Recently, for example, Sally was caught in a storm of publicity.I’m sure you’ve all heard that a lot of league of Legends anchors have been caught up in the debate recently, and what started out as sky Grey and format has spread to other platforms, and Sally is one of the victims.At the beginning, because Sally’s good friend Shinichi was a certain public opinion controversy, because the relationship is good so Sally went to support.I didn’t expect to be followed directly by others after I cut in.Among them, there are many netizens ridicule “fourteen Sword ji”, DO not know why, fourteen sword ji suddenly pulled out some of the past, said Sally just began to live when indiscreetly.The specific thing is that Sally cheated a rich woman of money and affection, which for any anchor, the impact is very big.Now some popular anchors are public figures. If such a thing happened, netizens would definitely not accept it.But if it is false, so as the parties have to Sally, certainly will not accept, after all, the relationship to his reputation the ma jia jia then stayed up all night to prepare the materials for more than 10 hours, ready to start with 14 jian she raged, Sally live begin soon, he started preparing for the intensity of screenshots and chat records, there are a lot of voice,Many Internet users were shocked by the scene, so it seems Sally is really angry.After all, I was just supporting my best friend, but I didn’t expect to be involved.According to the chat history Sally gave, we can know that Sally had just started livestream at that time, although there was some flirtation at the beginning, but did not have a relationship with a rich woman, let alone anything underage.At the same time, he also pointed out that the rich woman to his control desire is very strong, not only everything to ask, even with water friends to play together are not good, this girl is very scheming.At the same time, Sally also released the rich woman verbally abusing the audience, which is an insult to the league of Legends audience!Sally: It’s ok to scold yourself, but not your audience.After hearing this, and Sally’s previous speech, everyone also believed Sally, after all, so many chat records are irrefutable evidence, fourteen Sword said everything is completely fabricated.Sally thinks that as an anchor, she just wants to play the game well and bring more happiness to everyone. She doesn’t care about the things outside the game.He was involved in completely unintentional move, it seems that such a big rhythm really brought a lot of confusion for Sally, but fortunately now since the innocence, presumably this time fourteen Sword ji have no words!