No seconds to delete?After being accused of Posting content Wang Xiaofei, Zhang Yingying sent a lawyer letter to refute rumors that screenshots are forged

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Recently, Zhang Yingying issued a lawyer’s letter to deny the network spread seconds deleted screenshots, unclear attitude let her and Wang Xiaofei love rumors once again noisy.Hsu and Wang xiaofei ended their relationship in November 2021, and both sides have repeatedly said that they are no longer related, and all the rest of the matter has been handed over to the legal mediation, but the public is still curious about their sudden divorce.That’s right. Since they met in 2011, Wang xiaofei and Hsu have been following the script of “meeting the right person”.Cocktail party meet at first sight, acquaintance 20 days later to determine the relationship, and after 20 days to get the marriage certificate, and then accompany together suddenly is ten years.When the two appeared on the show together in 2018, She seemed to be in a state of self-mastery, which Wang xiaofei really enjoyed.At that time, many people sighed, this is probably the so-called match ~ and with the couple’s background, Big S and Wang Xiaofei seem sweet and stable, when they do not often share a photo, attend an event together, it seems that they will hold hands and walk to the old appearance.And then what?Then, out of the blue, the news of their divorce came out.At first, everyone thought it was just a quarrel between the couple. Even though my mother advised her mother-in-law, everyone still thought it was just a hype to make a diversion. Therefore, no one thought it was half a year later, the two really separated.In the face of this “from a relatively stable state directly to a complete collapse”, many people may have a “why” doubt, even more will feel: there is no shady things in this I do not believe!Big S is too far to reach, and Wang Xiaofei, who is close to her, has naturally become the object of all people’s focus & “investigation”.To say this pour also not very much notice, not long side float out of a girl.This is zhang Yingying, the one who sent the lawyer’s statement at the beginning of the article.If you pay attention to hot search, it is estimated that these two days have not seen her and Wang Xiaofei together in the front row, and whenever you open hot search, you can see netizens joking: mom, I see Zhang Liangying, scared me.It’s easy to confuse, but there’s really nothing in common between them except that they’re both women.Born in 1996, Zhang began her career as a dancer before entering the entertainment industry to take part in an image ambassador competition. So far, she has made only four films, and they are the ones most people have never heard of.It’s impossible for her to make a living as an actress, so her main job now is as an anchorwoman. When she first appeared in news related to Wang xiaofei, she also worked as an anchorwoman.A month after Wang xiaofei officially announced their divorce, netizens revealed that Wang xiaofei cheated on Zhang Yingying before they were divorced. The proof was that they wore the same necklace and appeared to live broadcast in the same room.In this regard, Wang Xiaofei denied and sent a lawyer’s letter to prove his innocence. However, it is probably because there was neither affirmation nor denial from S’s side, and she just answered “it is all over” and wanted to get rid of the past as soon as possible, so wang Xiaofei’s lawyer’s letter would have been better not sent. The feedback from netizens was almost never negative.Not long after Wang xiaofei sent this lawyer’s letter, the latest news was released by the media, which said that a long-haired woman was repeatedly photographed at Wang Xiaofei’s residence in mid-December.Although the media did not take any intimate action of the two people, and did not even confirm that the woman is Zhang Yingying, but because of the foamy news, “cheating in marriage” four words in the public mind seems to have been vividly.Last resort, Wang Xiaofei again came forward to respond.On the one hand denied and Zhang Yingying’s hearsay, on the other hand also for big S to explain some problems.In the end, he concluded that no one could speak for him or Hsu, including his mother.Maybe it is a firm attitude. After this response, both the media and the public are silent, no matter for the marriage of Wang Xiaofei and S, or the scandal of Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying. The hustle and bustle of a few days ago seems to be a gift package for divorce, which seems to have never existed after being used.However, the peace did not last long. On February 8, 2022, the media exposed a picture of Wang xiaofei and Zhang Yingying interlocking their fingers.On the day of the shooting, Wang xiaofei flew somewhere to meet with a client for dinner. In the evening, Wang xiaofei and Zhang Yingying appeared outside the restaurant with fingers clasped, and were helped back to the hotel.Yeah, fingers interlocked. If nothing else, boyfriend and girlfriend is real, right?At this point, Wang Xiaofei has not had time to respond.On February 10, a censored screenshot of Zhang’s social media began to spread online, which read: “Wang Xiaofei has nothing to do with me. He has relationships with many girls.”However, when we were preparing to write the story lines of Wang Xiaofei, Hsu and Zhang Yingying in our hearts again, Zhang Yingying sent out the lawyer’s letter mentioned at the beginning of the article.To sum up, this lawyer’s letter has one meaning: it will be deleted in seconds.But in addition, the question that net friend cares about, Zhang Yingying respect is one also did not answer.After all, it doesn’t seem to make any sense to hold hands again if they are fake.As of press time, for this new storm, Wang Xiaofei has not given any response.Think also, rather than some have no, as cold treatment, let the public gradually forget these things is the best.As for the divorce we are curious about the truth, the parties do not open their mouth I am afraid that bystanders through the existing clues can not verify what, coupled with a letter of a lawyer, feel again eat this melon how much also a little pressure, or wait to see ~ if there is really material, sooner or later come up.