Everyone in the company, unit year-end bonus are sent what?

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It’s the end of the year, most companies will give out some Spring Festival goods or year-end bonuses.My friend told me that their company’s year-end bonus was a “wool”, xiao Yue did not react.Until later heard that there was a “fart”, hair a “hammer” just understand.Then I started to see what people were Posting around me.Mooncakes that the boss doesn’t want.Expired milk (take it home and drink yogurt), even magic goods (six nukes, seven or eight walnuts) and the like.In our country, in addition to major festivals, year-end benefits are also the object of competition among many professionals.A company’s success depends not only on how much it gives out in year-end bonuses, but also on how it gives out bonuses.Some bosses have bizarre year-end bonus rules: take a small amount at the end of the year and spread it out over the next few months.To put it bluntly, it is to lead employees by the nose and control them with year-end bonuses.It’s too small to keep people around.The boss who is willing to take the initiative is the one who has the big picture and is the real winner.In the workplace, the HR of almost every Internet company will tell you when recruiting that our salary is high and benefits are good.Of course, in addition to salary, a lot of job seekers still value benefits and year-end bonuses.The year-end bonus is no comparison and no harm. After all, we all know deeply that welfare is always someone else’s company.A year-end bonus at someone else’s company.1, the most “immortal” year-end bonus: a company in Dongguan, Guangdong province will give year-end bonus, the highest reward of 2 employees lakeview room, each set worth nearly 2 million yuan.Company one-time payment and decoration, staff can carry bags to stay.Another company offering a house is a lifetime use right for a mansion worth 10 million yuan near Shenzhen Bay.Divulge according to internal employee, the premise condition of use of this cursive house is to cannot leave office, if be on the job all the time, can live for a lifetime free.A jiangxi group handed out 258 million yuan and 239 million yuan of year-end red envelopes to its two branch employees. The cash was piled up into a wall on the spot and each employee carried 50,000 yuan home.An employee posted an internal email saying that the company had prepared a gift of aN iPhone 11 (256GB) for all regular employees.Tencent Cloud also gave everyone an iPhone 11 Pro.However, this is not an official year-end bonus for Tencent cloud employees (their year-end bonus starts from 10 months).4. Weird year-end bonus gathering!2 sticks of celery, 1 skipping rope, expired calendar…5, the most simple: steamed bread rice plain steamed bun rice, steamed bread, steamed bun, noodles……Some net friends satisfied said: “the prize is very real, eat very delicious, the number is also much, you can have a happy New Year.”6, the most fool: send lottery every year under the topic of year-end bonus, there will always be such a paragraph: “the boss said this year’s year-end bonus is up to 5 million, employees listen to that call an excited ah: wow!Finally getting to the top!”In the workplace, the competition between employees is never just about salary and position, but also about corporate welfare.