CCTV pulled the plug after Chen Yun, who is in his 80s, wrote to the central government demanding the show be banned

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In the 1990s, who wrote a letter of determination delivered to the chairman’s desk in Zhongnanhai, China’s central government, and the cancellation of a popular TELEVISION series, “Chen Yun Leaves Sichuan”?Why was the show canceled?In the 1990s, CCTV broadcast the latest shooting of the TV series “Chen Yun out of Sichuan”, the play is about the end of the Zunyi conference, Chen Yun was ordered to report from Sichuan to Moscow’s thrilling course, the prototype of Chen Yun is the communist cause of life struggle for the old revolutionary Chen Yun, in fact, after the script was written,Related staff will play to the secretary of the age and family members to watch, after watched, the secretary of the age and family members think real and wonderful story, there is nothing wrong with the place, so he agreed to let the emei production studio, the entire process, age have no knowledge at this time of age is a very old man,And severe cataract and green eye, reading newspaper watching TV basic out with him, that kind of entertainment only by listening to the radio and the staff around to know what was happening outside, so “out of Chen yun chuan” the show is broadcast to half, age did not even heard of, listen to the side of the staff will have subconsciously it hiding down,Because they are very clear age modest Low-key style, but in the world which have not the drafty wall at that time, the age because of poor physical condition, must be conducted regularly to the hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment, one of the little nurse is “out of Chen yun chuan” big fan of the TV series, now see the real heart is excited, and age when chatting,Praise “out of Chen yun chuan” the TV play was so good that all of a sudden, the incident of secretary before all stop age then let secretary will play, read to his word, the whole process of age frown, secretary after see, could not help but in the mind a quiver, thought over, indeed as expected after listening, age and to the front desk,Picked up for a long time never use the pen, wrote a letter of accusation, request immediately canceled out of Chen yun chuan, age why reject the show on June 13, 1905, age was born in a poor peasant family in Shanghai, lost his father at the age of 2 and 4 years old, by uncle raised, at that time, the Chinese nation is struggling,Imperialist aggression outside, feudal autocratic oppression inside, many people with lofty ideals are struggling to find a way to save the country and the people.In 1919, the May 4th Movement broke out, awakening Chen’s deep feelings of patriotism.In 1925, Chen joined the Communist Party of China.From then on, he began his career as a professional revolutionary, taking the glorious cause of communism as his lifelong goal. Chen always disapproved of personal propaganda. He once said, “Anyone who leaves the people and leaves the Party can accomplish nothing.An artificial party do a good job, this is should, if you are under the leadership of the party, has made certain contribution, first should be the power of the people, the following is the correct leadership of the party and the last to fulfil person, so that “out of Chen yun chuan” after the show, age immediately to the letter, request to block according to the age of the lady in the TV play if wood memories,Report any articles about age, as long as he is in front, usually send not go out after 1976, age support some old comrades come out to work, many people benefit, one of the old comrades to show appreciation to the age, specially to send him to a case of the grapes, you know, at that time, grape is rare,Age repeatedly delay did not succeed, in desperation, he said, all right Then I can have a taste, won five grape with age from the box, let the rest of the whole old comrades take back incidentally, when there are two reports to the military leadership to age, also brought two boxes of grapes for age, after reporting the work, then pass the grapes to the in front of age,Age but just smile on his face, but now face fall, he was the secretary of the CPC, how can you just that, accept your gift, age determined not to be, the leadership of the military command said that these are a specialty of them, bring them here to age sample, how can be present, this age can’t refute, so take off 10 grape, says these enough,The rest all let them take back Chen Lao life incorruptible ke to honor the public, as long as it involves people’s livelihood issues, no matter how small.Age are not ignored, age and the Ministry of Commerce minister, every week will go to three places, wangfujing department store building Overpass the farmer’s market Beijing caishikou, someone to age reflects the situation at that time, it is the female comrades generally can’t buy hairpin, learned this news after age intends to run to the female comrade cosmetics counter, a look at it in this way,Instructed the secretary brought pen, wrote on it, the minister of XXX, would you please set aside a few tons of steel to more quickly, for the national each female comrade in October 1979, the production of two hairpin age for colon cancer hospital for surgery, in the face of the disease, his stride, but one day of autumn, when the age hear there will be rain and snow weather forecast on the radio, he was on pins and needles,Chen asked the staff beside him eagerly, did you see the people in the vegetable market and street buying cabbage for the winter?At that time, Chinese cabbage occupying the citizens of Beijing winter table for a long time, every early November, Beijing residents almost the whole family, against the wind line up to buy food, half a month, in Beijing to complete the hundreds of millions of kilograms of cabbage cut, sales and storage, transport, it turns out, is like a battle age worry is not unnecessary, that year on the market of Chinese cabbage,After hearing this, Mr. Chen was very worried and stressed that the relevant departments must pay attention to such things in the future, because this is a matter of common people’s eating vegetables in winter. With the efforts of various parties, the supply of winter storage cabbages in Beijing is getting better and better.People don’t have to worry about the problem of winter eat dish known as “big red steward” of the republic of age, the work of his hands fiscal funds strategic materials, can ZhaoYi calculation, it is generally believed that, the life of the age should be is very exquisite, but in fact, he always maintained the essence of civil servants, a Spring Festival secretary came to visit him on holiday,Found the table or the youngest sample, a bowl of rice A bowl of bean curd A few peanuts, so the secretary is proposed, the Chinese New Year holiday add two dishes, only to find this out, was rejected by the age, claimed that I now every day in the New Year’s day is a holiday, this a secretary instantly understood, and indeed before that had the next meal compared to sNow it was the day of every day in the New Year’s day is a holiday, but as the age of the age is more and more big, the youngest sample is not enough to sustain his nutrition, the doctor suggested that use some sea cucumber or shark’s fin, but when the medical staff to communicate with him about the matter, age repeatedly refused, said it was the landlord landlord to eat, I don’t eat, see age so stubborn,Staff had to supplements, dolly, to age drink soup age very disciplined in the diet, not only on the wearing also is very frugal, age of life, the spring and autumn wear a new scuffed dark grey cloth of troupe, Chinese tunic suit, half in the winter wear a cotton cloth soldier coat, feet is a pair of black cloth shoes, for only two sets of suits, age is very cherish, only wear on formal occasions,But because the job is busy, wear the number of times still too many, many parts of the wear and tear, the button is loose skirt worn MAO faded he will not change once age to sew clothes to the tailor shop in Shanghai, when they heard this suit is age, awe, they never thought for a moment, a leader of a country as a important position,Have to wear clothes to this degree, still stick to wear, it’s not easy to, dress so, other clothes would be much needless to say, is a patch of patches, he broke several hole towel it is still in insist on, from the age, we see the hard work and plain living the real meaning of his principle, and aboveboard, no credit, self-reliance,We have always been able to put individuals and the Party in place.Once, the head of a news film studio wanted to shoot some shots of Chen in his daily life, because Chen rarely appeared in public and there were few video materials about him. At first, Chen always agreed, which made the head of the film studio extremely happy, but to his surprise,Staff took an age only chat with people in the park, by age directly stop the age of the studio staff said, after I died, there was a period of lens is enough, such as death, the lights went out not to promote my business trips to any place, people haven’t arrived, around age let the staff to bring news,Leading comrades are not allowed to dock at the airport hotel and out, I came to here You don’t have to pick me up, I walk away, and you also don’t need to send me, not only such, age in work style show the good character of an old revolutionary in the summer of 1982, age specially convened family, friends and staff in the address of the conference room to watch movies, for you,It was the first time for the elder girl to get into the sedan chair, when they watched middle-aged Man, the 1983 Golden Rooster Award for Best Feature Film.Reflecting the treatment of intellectuals at that time, lu Wenting, a female doctor in the film, is skilled and responsible, but she has worked for 18 years.The salary is only 56.50 yuan a month.Under the weight of work and life put him down the film finished, back in the office, age Chen Weilan asked her, what do you think of the film look good? I think the movie very real, whether it’s about intellectual feelings, or description of the intellectuals work and life is very real,, Chen Weilan recalls, age at that time also said such a sentence,The film was shown to our leading cadres. Immediately afterwards, Chen wrote a letter to the central government. The middle-aged intellectuals had a heavy life and work burden, but their wages were low, and many of them were in poor health.I think this is a big problem of the country, is really determined, solve in the next two years, can no longer be step-by-step, in instructions, age also exclusively in the rescue of a word, we must rescue middle-aged intellectuals, like gay this construction, treated him as a project, the money spent on the blade, flower is worth under the attention of the age,Chinese intellectuals around the country generally up two level of wages, solved them right now, a lot of units in accordance with the instructions, state began to gradually improve the treatment of the intellectuals and subsidies in May 1994, because of the left lung inflammation, age had to be hospitalized, age can’t take a walk in the room at this time, the weak hand also no longer be able to hold a pen to write,Former favorite newspaper also turned out to be listening to the radio, even very sick in bed, age still pay attention to the affairs of state, in this way to make a lot of things in his life, you can reach age more than once said, I am in favor of cremation, at the same time, I am in favor of the plane body solution, because this condition from the dead, and is good for medicine.After his death, when his family was sorting out his belongings, they found only three receipts in addition to the manuscript fee of less than 20,000 yuan in his bankbook. A brown leather case that had been kept for 63 years.A 60-year-old old razor and a 50-year-old quilt bag, behind these ordinary articles, there is a paragraph of little-known and moving story, from June 1959 to June 1960, Old Chen needed to hangzhou for self-cultivation because of heart disease.Mrs. Yu Ruomu accompanied by.According to the regulations, Chen is an important leader of the Party and the state, and his wife’s accompanying and taking care of him should be regarded as official business.However, Chen didn’t think so. How could he get paid without a job? He said to Yu Ruomu, “You can’t get paid during your stay with me.”Yu Ruomu also very agree with Chen’s idea, after returning to Beijing, they saved a year of more than 2000 yuan salary all back.It is a coincidence that the company will issue a receipt for the refund of wages.In September 1971, Chen’s eldest daughter Chen Weili came to Nanchang, Jiangxi province to take care of her father’s daily life.Meanwhile, her employer also paid her wages as usual, but Mr. Chen said to his daughter:Therefore, in June 1972, Chen Weili returned all his wages to his work unit. On August 24, 1982, Selected Manuscripts of Chen Yun, written by Chen Lao, was published and received 5,000 YUAN as payment. On September 25,He paid all the 5,000 yuan he had received for his article to the party.At the suggestion of his secretary, Chen saved all the money and donated it to the Hope Project and the newly established North Folk Art School.On April 10, 1995 in the morning, lying on the bed of the age, to pay the last debacle with special meanings in life, in the afternoon two point zero four points, age forever left, aged 90, as a nearly 70 years old communist party standing even if he had been completely retired, and age is still highly paid close attention to the development of China,He devoted his whole life to the establishment and consolidation of China’s socialist system and the creation and development of China’s reform and opening up and socialist modernization