Small county is cheap!Sun my 80 square new house, decoration only cost 50 thousand, than the big city happiness

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My home is in the small county below a three line city, house price, decorate artificial each respect is cheaper.New chamber total area 80 flat, the pattern of two rooms two hall, when buying is 3500 flat.My husband and I are ordinary wage earners, so we have no high requirements for decoration, so we just decorated it briefly. Finally, we spent a total of 50,000 yuan, including furniture and appliances.In the past, we worked in Shanghai and drank too much chicken soup, thinking that only in big cities can we realize our dreams. Later, we gradually found that for people like us with no special skills, the salary in big cities is not much higher than that in small towns, but the consumption is much higher. It is better to return to small towns to live a stable life.Let’s show you our new house. No more cramped rentals.This is the living room, the simpler the sitting room that decorate the modelling of TV wall made a simple look from the sitting room to children room over here is the kitchen, dining-room and kitchen is very spacious master bedroom, with a big balcony balcony side put chair of a hanging basket, full of sweet and romantic breath balcony at the other end is a washing machine, a lot of furniture appliances in the home and adornment, is bought on the net,Save a lot of money, children room is a room of their own, children happy children room closet, cheap but there is no smell, we can’t let her live how great your life, can only guarantee to give her a healthy environment, toilet hang up a bead curtain, the feeling is very beautiful inside the toilet also presented a large terrace, going to put here to tidy up,Plant flowers and plants, set up a huge sunshade umbrella, put tea table tea chair below, make here into a sky garden.