A double ranking of top universities has been released, and the last few are surprises

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The 2022 Alumni Association Double First-class University Ranking is released;The top 50 basic and the main list difference is not big, behind the gap is very big;Mainly a lot of strength of the four non universities ranking very high;The double-top universities have been pushed to the back.Especially in the 100-200 rank, there are a lot of very strong universities, much higher than the double first-class university ranking.At present, there are 137 double-first-class universities in China, which have a considerable scale.However, some colleges and universities are really limited in their ability to run schools. These colleges and universities are mainly concentrated in the central and western regions, and the four non-strong colleges and universities are also mainly concentrated in the eastern regions.These double first-class universities in the central and western regions are not high in the main list.There are colleges with industry characteristics.As a result of the scale of the school is more general, the ranking is also relatively a bit later.Therefore, not all the double-first-class universities are necessarily strong in running schools. In the evaluation of 985 and 211 universities, there is a policy of one province, one university, and this policy has been continued in the construction of double-first-class universities.If a university with double first-class titles is not in the top 150 universities in various rankings.In fact, the school strength can be ignored;It can only be said that the strength of an ordinary university;If the universities outside the top 200, the basic result is pure one province one school, the care of the component is very heavy.Xizang University, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Academy of Art, Qinghai University, People’s Public Security University of China and Shanghai University of Physical Education are all very low in the rankings.They can rank first in employment.Comprehensive universities of Xizang University and Qinghai University.The ranking is indeed very low, of course, this has a lot to do with the local economic development level;The two universities may be very common first-tier universities in the central and eastern regions, and both universities can be accepted. However, it is quite right for the state to recognize the two universities as first-class universities for the balance of higher education.Given the limited capacity of local economic development and the low level of basic education, there is almost no opportunity to raise the two schools without taking care of them.The 137 double-first-class universities are the model for the construction of universities in China. Apart from some universities in the western regions, the other universities have very strong educational strength, and many of them rank first or second in the province.Have the college that has double first-class status again, in the future protect grind with take an examination of grind still have a lot of welfare on, the mark of the university entrance examination also wants a bit taller than average school.The final advantage in this region is very obvious.The alumni association’s double-top rankings are riddled with flaws and riddles.