“Watergate Bridge” breaks one billion records and breaks 39 records. The Battle of Watergate Bridge tells a touching story

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At present, the movie watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake (hereinafter referred to as watergate Bridge) is showing in cinemas all over the country.The film broke 39 records in a row, grossing more than 800 million yuan in 16 hours and attracting more than 14 million viewers.By 17:00 on February 2, the box office continued to top 1 billion yuan.On Feb 2, the film released a special episode of the original hero, in which kwok, a 98-year-old volunteer army veteran who witnessed the Battle of watergate Bridge, tells the story of the arduous battle and takes the audience into the history of 72 years ago.Volunteers of the ancestors with flesh and blood body cast strong Great Wall, and the battle force of the enemy, in return for today’s prosperous China, the old population in the battle details let the listener moved.Guo Rongxi, a 98-year-old veteran of the volunteer Army, still remembers the battle more than 70 years ago.”Three times. I did it the first time.It is necessary to resist the United States and aid Korea, and it is very glorious to defend our country.We all stood up and feared no sacrifice!”From his narration, the history of the Battle of Watergate becomes vivid.Guo Rongxi, an old man who witnessed the Battle of Watergate Bridge, served as a staff officer of the 60 Division headquarters of the 20th Army of the 9th Corps, recalled the freezing battlefield. “The temperature was more than 40 degrees below zero, so I was shivering, my hands were frozen black, and I could not eat enough to wear warm clothes.”It was under such difficult conditions that three bombs were bombed in eight days, showing the iron will of the volunteers.”The Americans are mechanized troops, and we are musketeers.Now our army is getting stronger and stronger. Long live the PLA!”The badge on guo Rongxi’s chest proves that the battle was difficult and tenacious.More than 70 years later, it is still an unforgettable experience in the minds of these volunteers’ predecessors.Watergate Bridge takes viewers 149 minutes into the epic battle and introduces them to the “loveliest people”.In Watergate Bridge, Company 7 received a new mission to blow up the Watergate Bridge, the choke point of the American retreat route, and block the retreat of the First American Marine Division.As long as the bridge is there, the mission is still there.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the stories in the movies inspire audiences to be grateful to their ancestors and feel deeply rooted in their family and country.After watching the movie, audiences were deeply touched and left sincere comments on social media: “The scenes are grand, the depiction of war scenes is almost like a line description, real and shocking, it is definitely the most valuable super war blockbuster in the Spring Festival!””The first tear of the New Year is dedicated to Watergate Bridge. Love for National conditions, friendship and brotherly love are all stuck in tears. I couldn’t stop crying in the cinema.”Another audience commented, “The Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake is a passionate epic, even better than the previous one!The battle scenes are so exciting!””Each individual story becomes a collective story and a national story.Burning and moved, all the suspense has been solved, all the foreshadowing has been responded, Thanksgiving revolutionary ancestors paid all, but also more glad that we were born in today’s peace!”Source: Qianjiang Evening News