Very clever | fireman used cushion to rescue drowning woman to shore

2022-06-06 0 By

Xiamen Network (Xiamen Daily reporter Lin Ran correspondent Chen Ya Chen Han) yesterday morning at 6 o ‘clock, a cry from the tongan district shuangxi bridge, a woman struggling in the water up and down, the voice in her mouth as the fluttering suddenly big and small, passers-by saw hurriedly call 119 for help.Datong Fire and rescue station went to the scene immediately after receiving the alarm.At the scene, the woman trapped in the middle of the stream, far from the shore, as a result of falling into the water for a long time, her physical strength gradually decreased, the struggle is less and less.Two firefighters quickly put on life jackets and jumped into the water to swim to the woman. One firefighter held her up from behind while the other prepared a life buoy and tried to put it on her.But the woman could not move because of physical exhaustion, the buoy could not be trapped.Two firefighters, using themselves as cushions and the buoyancy of the buoy, supported the woman while she swam back to shore with her teammates on shore.After about 10 minutes of emergency rescue, the woman finally reached the shore safely, and was sent to hospital for examination and treatment.At present, the cause of the fall is still under investigation.