The Golden Age: How to see Xiao Hong

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Xiao Hong is a woman writer, so she gets attention.”Golden age” shows us a unique narrative style, reflect a lot of biography movie, chronological reflect deeds are step-by-step according to the characters, but the performance of the “golden age” is refreshing, but this show seems to hard to accepted by the general audience, the first 178 mins, whether to have the necessary, the second involves many characters,Could have simplified the presentation, so many stars, can call on many fans to raise the box office, the film magnifies xiao Hong’s influence, whether the market can accept?The above three problems seem to determine the fate of the film’s market.First of all, we can be sure that Ann Hui director of Xiao Hong’s tribute sincerity, the film deliberately presents a real Xiao Hong to the audience, but the director has to consider for the film business, so in the selection of many roles in the film on the joining of powerful actors is a big point.The biographical genre is no longer limited to the gap between the actor and the character’s physical appearance, and Hollywood’s super powerful actor Merrill.Streep’s “The Iron Lady” was a mixed bag at the box office, and Ashton.Kutcher’s “Jobs,” despite the actors’ painstaking efforts to physically and spiritually approach the man himself, was also a major box-office disappointment.Nicole Kidman’s Grace of Monaco also flopped at the box office, and these are just some examples of how making a biopic of a celebrity can be a risky business, and it’s hard to win word-of-mouth without a significant performance.Say 2013 jianqi huo directors “xiao hong”, despite the rocky road show the writer s life, but more to stay in the colorful personal emotional life, box office is still grim, “” golden age” mainly shows xiao hong and Xiao Jun subtle emotional change, two men in career gap appears to be the real cause of lead to emotional breakdown.It also shows that a writer on the talent of the man she loves, unless the man can or material manage her in the thoughts, otherwise this woman will no longer take the man as his own heaven and earth, what’s more, the man had betrayed her emotionally, several derailed, incredibly still slept with her best friend.Xiao Hong’s achievements in literature were looked up to, which further indulged her contempt for this man. Although she was still attached to him in the bottom of her heart, it was he who accompanied her through the most abjection years.Husband and wife are the same birds in the forest, the disaster comes to fly separately.It is not that Xiao Jun can not share death with it, but xiao Hong gradually in the material or spirit began to independent, Xiao Jun sinking in their own narrow can only rely on derailment to ease their embarrassment.The narrative of the film takes the form of a documentary, telling us xiao Hong’s short and bitter life through the oral recollections of cultural celebrities who have had brief contact with her.Such expression actually should is the idea behind the director or writer, so more can show to the audience about the hero’s real side, but the expression in fact, some redundant, because if the writers want to overthrow the ago of xiao hong’s biography works, that he must be serious to collect all related to xiao hong memoirs of the characters,For example, Ding Ling, Xiao Jun, Duanmu Hongliang and those past events.So the scriptwriters put so much effort into creating the play, which feels like a bit of a waste of time, but can such a result bring a better fate for the film?Perhaps the golden Age team doesn’t care much about box office success. It seems that what they really want is to tell the audience what kind of character Xiao Hong is.Xiao hong’s works is not one of the four talented woman of the republic of zhang ailing’s remarkable, so on the audience acceptance has certain problem, and xiao hong as a miserable woman writer, her influence obviously no star ruan lingyu died more impressive, so for such a nearly strange women writers, can move the audience’s view seems to be very difficult.Perhaps those ugly years were Xiao Hong’s golden age, but the golden Age was not its golden age when the film appeared.People in impetuous desire for material supplies, but can not understand xiao Hong in that era is how to write their own difficult life.Film narrative on the renovation of actually also have shortcomings, because such through a third eye to see xiao hong, obviously effect increasing the length of the film, with suitable Syria there is a big difference in the technique of expression, as a result of the sectional flashbacks suitable Syria is easy to let the audience distracted, unable to concentrate the complete feeling xiaohong’s extraordinary life.Although such performance of the film can indirectly make more cultural celebrities appear on the screen, such appearance does not seem to be more helpful to the charming portrayal of Xiao Hong’s personality, instead, it gives the film a feeling of procrastination and fragmentation.And how to truly see xiao hong and secular, cold, emotional struggle, so also presents some questions, but such appear obviously more heavy viewers to the role the sense of ‘difficulties, see gorgeous promiscuous small times young viewers, is not so easy to have a crush of xiao hong,It’s clear that “The Best Of Times” is destined for its niche and literary appeal.In addition, the film is obviously realistic, so the soundtrack does not deliberately embellish the scenes, but merely shows xiao Hong’s pain and suffering. This may be due to the style of the director, so we will not see the exquisite aesthetic style in Wong Kar-wai’s films. Compared with the director’s A Simple Life, wong Kar-wai can charm the audience.What is more is that the difference of status between the protagonists can touch the audience’s inner nerves more.It is not that Xiao Hong’s works are not more influential, but that the distant times and the tragedy of chaotic times have exhausted the curiosity of the audience, who are obviously more concerned about the things around them, and will not be moved by the misery of a woman pursuing freedom and happiness in a suffering era, and appear interested.Robert mackey said the hero’s philosophy is the soul of the film, the “golden age” this biopic destined the reveal of xiao hong’s outlook on life is fixed, she presented is stable emotion, the joyful mood and undisturbed for inspiration, she doesn’t like ding ling in spirit is more powerful in the world, she need someone to care, after all, she is a weak woman,She was not an energetic soldier, so her character doomed her to a tragic life.In fact, the film is a closed ending, rather than open to the imagination.This is the fixed pattern of biopic, but also a kind of difficult word-of-mouth box office win-win genre film fate.# Her shining in my eyes #