Shi Fosi Primary School, Baqiao District: We are in action in April

2022-06-06 0 By

Sunshine news (reporter Liu Jie correspondent Liu Jia) Qingming – one of the 24 solar terms, in the middle of spring and late spring at the turn of the Chinese traditional festival, is one of the most important festival of sacrifice, is also the day of ancestor worship and tomb sweeping, clean and bright meaning.In order to excavate the cultural connotation of Tomb-sweeping Day, guide students to be careful in their final days, remember their ancestors, and strengthen their love for the motherland, the people and the Chinese nation, Shifosi Primary School of Baqiao District, Xi ‘an city expressed grief in different forms on the occasion of tomb-sweeping Day.Under the organization of the teacher, all the students carried out the tomb-sweeping Day theme class team meeting. The students walked into the Tomb-sweeping Day, felt the custom of Tomb-sweeping Day and understood the culture of Tomb-sweeping Day.The students of grade one and grade two read poems and poems about Tomb-sweeping Day during the holiday. The students’ reading made the campus overflowing with books.The third and fourth grade held the Tomb-sweeping Day calligraphy display, the fifth and sixth grade carried out the hand-copied newspaper display, to bring a visual feast to all teachers and students.The tomb-sweeping Day theme education activities, further enhance the students patriotic feelings, sense of responsibility, so that students from multiple perspectives to understand the traditional festival “Tomb-sweeping Day”.