Nanchong: the latest aerial photo of Wenfeng New Town, have you seen any changes in your house?

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Wenfeng New Town is not only the south gate of Jialing, but also the main position of nanchong Economic development Zone and Jialing District to realize the integrated development of industry and city.With country Garden, sunshine, Lanrun and other well-known real estate enterprises in recent years to land on the beach, there are some new real estate project development put into use, Wenfeng area is expected to live in more than 200,000 people.At present, country Garden phase 1, 2, 3, Nanshan Mansion and other properties have been handed over to move in, the progress of other properties under construction is also accelerating, there will be more real estate delivery this year and next year…In the future, Wenfeng New Town will create a green grid covering the whole island, forming an ecological circle with gardens everywhere, scenery in streets and 300 meters of green, and creating a beautiful home of “mountain-water-human” interaction.On December 9, 2021, at the first meeting of the 7th National People’s Congress of Jialing District, Nanchong City, the district government work report pointed out that “Wenfeng District should constantly improve its influence and popularity, and do a good job in government services”.”Accelerate the launch of planning to build a landmark civic service center project, improve the livable quality of Wenfeng area”.”Do a good job in business services, highlight the advantages of wenfeng business circle’s backwardness, and plan to build linjiang high-end business complex.”Recently, jialing pipe network announced that the administrative office center of Jialing District would move south to Wenfeng New City and settle into the management committee of economic development Zone, which undoubtedly brings more business opportunities and popularity to Wenfeng New City.Meanwhile, the Jialing District Citizen Service Center project will be built in Wenfeng New Town, with a planned floor area of 60,000 square meters, and the construction period will be from 2022 to 2025.The newly planned new urban complex project is also located in Wenfeng New Town, which will create high-end business gathering area, leisure shopping area, silk textile products exhibition area, famous and special snacks gathering area, night shopping and punching card area.After the project is put into use, it can promote consumption, promote employment, further improve the urban function of Wenfeng, enhance the city grade and dress up the city.?Nanhai Avenue and Yinkongshan Tunnel are projects that jialing District Committee and district government will focus on starting in the first quarter of 2022, and are listed as key projects of the city in 2022.The completion of the road will improve the regional traffic conditions and help the development of Wenfeng area and Nanhai New Town.?Wenfeng area has planned 24 schools it is understood that Jialing Wenfeng Area has planned 24 schools at present, including 16 kindergartens (including supporting kindergartens in the community), 4 primary schools, 3 nine-year schools, and 1 high school.Has been built in the 16th kindergarten with Neptune experimental school affiliated kindergarten, day kindergarten of village form a complete set, 4 primary schools for a small (reconstruction), Neptune experimental school, wenfeng sound empty mountain primary school, for elementary school, 3 nine years to construct school Zhu Feng relevant elementary school campus, Luo Jiashan school, for school, 1 completed high school.?The construction project of Medical and Health Complex of Wenfeng New Town is located on Yuanbaoshan Road.Including the construction of “jialing district maternal and child health care clinic hospital complex building, jialing district maternity and child care nursery service center, jialing district centers for disease control and promote the prevention and control of infectious diseases and detection project, jialing district public health emergency care center, jialing district hospital of traditional Chinese medicine health care complex building, jialing district stomatological hospital of ophthalmology six projects.”Jialing District health bureau officials said the project aims to start construction in the fourth quarter of this year.With the construction of roads, schools, hospitals and other major livelihood projects, a “picture of people’s livelihood” is slowly being drawn up, and Wenfeng New City will accelerate its rise.Photo source Misty rain in Guocheng