Ease the peak passenger flow after the festival!Guizhou railway to open 6 more general speed trains

2022-06-06 0 By

The reporter learned from the railway department that on the basis of 27 additional high-speed trains (reported by our website), guizhou railway will gradually operate 6 additional high-speed trains from February 3 (the third day of the first lunar month) to February 22 (the 22nd day of the first lunar month), in order to timely relieve the peak passenger flow after the Spring Festival and meet the needs of passengers.Among the 6 additional trains, there are 2 trains from Guiyang to Zhaotong, zhaotong to Shanghai south, and Shanghai south to Guiyang respectively, which can increase the daily transport capacity by more than 10,000 people.The specific opening period, train number and operation time are: from February 3 to 19, Guiyang – Zhaotong add K6045/8 times, Guiyang 22:41, Zhaotong (the second day) 6:17 to.2.2 From 4th to 20th, k4953/2 from Zhaotong to Shanghai Nanjia, leaving at 7:29 from Zhaotong and arriving at 23:53 from the south of Shanghai.From 6th to 22nd, Shanghai South to Guiyang add K4951, Shanghai South 1:36, Guiyang (second day) 6:35 arrival.4.2 From 3rd February to 19th February, Guiyang – Zhaotong k6041/4 times, Guiyang 23:48, Zhaotong (the second day) 7:53.5.2 From 4th February to 20th February, k4195/8 will be added from Zhaotong to Shanghainan. it will leave at 8:56 in Zhaotong and arrive at 0:28 in South Shanghai (3rd day).From 6th February to 22nd February, K4197 will be added from South of Shanghai to Guiyang, leaving at 1:51 in South of Shanghai and arriving at 8:58 in Guiyang (the second day).For details, please refer to the station announcement. If you have any questions, please call chengdu Railway Group customer service hotline “028-12306” for consultation.(Guiyang Daily Rong Media reporter Zeng Qin Intern Shen Finhong)