Check out the “ruthless people” of turtle circle, you are one of them, right?

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There are these advertising words, we must have heard: a man to be ruthless;Women have to be nice to themselves.Ha ha, really good, a little harder to their own at the same time, but also to their own a little better.Tough people are everywhere, and there are a lot of tough people in our turtle business.Don’t believe it?Take a look at these turtle friends and see if you are one of them or have been.But we say, a relaxation is better, you have been so ruthless yourself know, appropriate time, we still want to be tolerant of their own.Raise your own turtle, never need to know the name of the turtle.Ha ha, in fact, such turtle friends or often encountered.When describing the appearance of the turtle, you can say something like: the back armor is black, the head is green, there is a stripe here and there is a bar.I can’t tell what it is, but I keep it anyway.Just keep it on your own.And some turtle friends have been raising turtles for many years, is not what just contact turtle friends.Walk own way, have individual character, in fact ah, do not have what say a lot of, raise happy be good.Turtle appreciation new realm.Some turtle friends are very scary, free time is to enjoy turtles alone, and this stay is several hours.I don’t think mobile games take this long.I can say that this is the moment of true love, nothing is magic, has been holding you.What cell phones, all the socializing out of the way, really hard.I wouldn’t be able to do that.3. It has become a habit to squeeze into the flower and bird market or aquatic product market to see if there is any turtle or food suitable for the turtle.Some turtle friends have the habit of looking at stones, although the focus is different, but the effect is the same.There is a ruthless, is really ruthless.My own turtle, got a whole circle of diseases, completely forgot that I own a turtle.Wait to think of have this thing of time, turtle already sick, all sorts of have.It’s either negligence or total ignorance, or you forget you have turtles and don’t remember to take care of them.It’s kind of hard.There is a saying in the fish farming world called: 1357 fish farming method.Simply put, it means feeding one day, changing water three days, washing tanks in five days, and changing fish in seven days.Ha ha, that’s interesting.Although turtles are not so fragile, but after a batch of turtle friends are still some.Not on the turtle, eliminating those treatment ah, conditioning and other troubles.That’s tough!There is a ruthless person, is always there.That is the small tank raise many turtle or big turtle, in fact is not enough water, is your turtle is not enough!You really believe that?Suit!A small tank inside, crowded a large group of turtles, large and small, really can not say that the environment is too small, but can not be raised, can only be called the next!But even in this situation, he is still asking: how can design reasonable?Have good filter purify water quality?I can’t talk to you anymore.Believe that there are many enough ruthless turtle practices, just for the time being so many examples.Turtle raising circle is not a popular circle, but techniques emerge in endlessly.There are also many “unorthodox” ways to appear.Some will be able to keep the turtle, some is a batch of a batch of turtles.Do not stick to the way, can keep the turtle is suitable for their own good method.But do not grope for the method of this road to their own too ruthless, or really have a turtle a sigh of feeling.