Zhongjiang County Chengbei Middle School to carry out solid delay service to warm the heart of the people

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Since the implementation of the “double reduction” work, the Middle School of Zhongjiang County Chengbei Middle School has taken after-school service as an important livelihood project to increase people’s sense of gain and happiness.From the top-level design, policy publicity, personnel allocation, security, curriculum construction and other aspects of the after-school service of the compulsory education school to carry out a comprehensive and careful arrangement.Plan carefully to make the service in place.The school plans in advance, arranges in advance, and combines the actual situation by timely sending a letter to parents, parents’ meeting, wechat group and other means to widely publicize after-school service content and service characteristics, so that parents and students can fully understand the relevant arrangements, and achieve two “full coverage” of compulsory education and students with after-school service needs.The school innovated the working mechanism, fully tapped the potential, integrated the resources inside and outside the school, dredged the work links, and ensured the after-school service policy to be implemented in place.Voluntary participation, let education more temperature.Based on the actual situation and students’ needs, the school implements the after-school service mode of “5+2”, and the end time is connected with the local normal closing time.On the basis of fully soliciting parents’ opinions and extensive research, the school adheres to the principles of being based on reality, school leading, consultation and co-governance, independent and voluntary, and non-profit, and steadily promotes after-school services.Innovative forms to meet the diverse needs of students.Based on the characteristics of our school, the school has designed and expanded after-school service projects.The after-school service of the school strives to combine subjects with arts and sports.When making plans and planning after-school service content, we should carefully arrange after-school service curriculum and strengthen the construction of curriculum system.Subject services mainly provide homework guidance, answer questions and explain doubts, so as to reduce students’ homework burden and help improve their academic performance.Art and sports services mainly meet students’ needs for art and sports and practice by carrying out colorful activities such as literature, sports, reading, labor and practice, and strive to improve students’ comprehensive quality and labor skills.The school organizes various sports activities such as ball games and aerobics to improve students’ physical quality.Education in fine traditional Chinese culture, such as calligraphy, paper cutting and traditional Chinese painting, will be carried out to enhance cultural confidence.Carry out special courses in speech, instrumental music and singing to cultivate students’ artistic expertise and improve their artistic accomplishment.Special courses such as programming and computer greatly expand students’ interest space and cultivate their scientific literacy.The implementation of all courses fully respects students’ willingness, meets students’ interests and hobbies, provides menu-style services, and students can choose their own learning content.Take responsibility for after-school service.Since the launch of after-school service, students have actively participated in it, teachers have actively responded, and the children’s school life has become more colorful, which has been widely recognized by parents.At present, there are nearly 300 middle school students in the school, realizing the full coverage of after-school services for students in the compulsory education stage. More than 30 staff members are brave, down-to-earth and dedicated to shoulder the responsibility of after-school services.Strengthen supervision and constantly improve the quality of after-school services.The school continues to strengthen the daily tracking and supervision of after-school service, timely understand the opinions of parents and students on after-school service, solve the problems in after-school service, strengthen work research and summary, constantly optimize after-school service mode, and make after-school service convenient and warm to the people.By pooling resources from all aspects, the school has further strengthened its role as the main position for educating students, expanded the coverage of after-school services, focused on comprehensively improving after-school service quality, guided teachers to practice “I do practical things for the masses” with practical actions, and solved the urgent needs of the masses.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)