Where does Sanya belong, with its summer coconut groves and beaches and tropical scenery that attracts countless tourists to punch in

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Sanya belongs to Hainan Province.Sanya is a prefectural city of Hainan province, referred to as Ya, formerly known as Yazhou, also known as Lucheng, located in the southernmost part of Hainan Island.Long, narrow cities lie along hundreds of kilometers of coastline.The stunning seaside scenery has made Sanya the most famous seaside resort in China, known as the “Hawaii of the East”.Countless tourists yearn for.Coconut Corridor Is located at Sanya Bay Road, Tianya District, Sanya City.Sanya Bay beach public area, there are many coconut trees, unique hainan tropical style.There are rows and rows of towering, beautiful and evergreen coconut trees with huge feathery leaves stretching from the treetops, holding up an umbrella-shaped green crown. Clusters of coconuts grow on the coconut trees, making it very pleasant to walk along the Coconut Corridor.When the sun goes down, the sun shines on the sea and becomes golden. It is especially beautiful against the coconut trees. It is also a good place for many couples to take wedding dresses.Tianya Haijiao tianya Haijiao is located at the foot of Maling Mountain in Tianya Town, Tianya District.Go straight ahead into the scenic spot, there will be a sightseeing platform, steps on both sides, down is the beach, not far from the sea is the sun moon stone.The sun moon stone has a beautiful legend, is a symbol of good love.Along the beach to the west, all kinds of stone, in turn is the sea judgment nantian stone carvings, Nantian a pillar stone, tianya stone, cape stone.Cape stone is the end of the road back to the scenic area of the central square.The imperial Edict museum in the scenic spot collects many precious authentic works of the imperial edict, introducing the birth and evolution of the imperial edict.Please come to tianya Haijiao, which is a must for every visitor to Sanya.Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area nanshan Cultural Tourism Area is located in Nanshan Village, Yazhou District.Here is a large park displaying traditional Chinese Buddhist culture.After entering the scenic area, you can see the South China Sea Guanyin statue far away.You have to walk about a kilometer to get to the Buddha statue.The Buddha statue is on an island, and you have to go up and down the stairs in the square to get to the island.You can go under the lotus and cuddle.There was solemn silence.Buddha statue to nanshan Temple, about two kilometers, you can pass tianzhu Shrine Buddha Hall, 33 guanyin Hall, Nanshan Temple, and Duobao Pagoda.The sun is shining, the sea breeze is blowing, the sea guanyin shines under the sun, shining, kind face, let a person feel the soul is purified clean and fresh feeling, shocking.Luhuitou Scenic Spot is located at Luling Road, Jiyang District.Surrounded by the sea on three sides and adjacent to sanya city on one side, the park is the best place to climb up to the sea and watch the sunrise and sunset, as well as a good place to overlook the panoramic view of Sanya city.The statue of deer head in the park is the symbol of Sanya city.To the mountain viewing platform and the peak of the square, battery car in accordance with the mountain road, along the road there are foraging macaques, more than ten minutes later to the mid-mountain terminal.Visitors need to walk to the top of the mountain.Luhuitou is a legend of love, so the landscape of the whole scenic area is based on love, which is very suitable for couples to take photos and clock in.Dadonghai Tourist Area Dadonghai Tourist area is located in Yuya Avenue, Jiyang District, Sanya City.The tourist facilities here are concentrated and complete, with a water-playing park, tourist submarine dock, diving and diving base, etc., which can carry out a variety of water activities and beach entertainment activities all year round. It is one of the famous tourist resorts in Sanya and also a large-scale tropical seaside tourist resort in Hainan.There’s a lot of food nearby, bars and barbeques, beautiful tropical scenery, a big beach, no admission, it’s a great place to stay.