This winter Olympics “ironing knowledge” you don’t know?

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The paper fills in the words to launch the Winter Olympics special, to honor the ice and snow engagement.Click on “expand knowledge” to move forward together.One of the Olympic Winter Games, known as the “crown jewel of the Olympic Winter Games”.The mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympics are popular because of their cute appearance.Bingdun Dun 3 “talented girl” Gu Ailing will participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games events.What are the four styles of figure skating: swallow, upright, non-basic and squatting?In which event did Yang Yang, Wang Meng, Wu Dajing and other Olympic heroes win gold MEDALS?Short track speed skating an alpine skiing event at the Winter Olympics, halfway between super G and slalom.The name of the emblem of the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games.Yang Guifei, Mu Guiying, Sun Wukong and Hua Mulan will be presented in the Olympic Village for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.What is one of the uses of the ultrasonic wind sensor installed in the venues of the Winter Olympics?Wind speed measurement 10 Ice dancing is one of the components of the Winter Olympic Games. The athletes choose their own music and compose their own dances.Open APP, click on the home page “ fill in the word”, and start the challenge immediately!