Officials supported the change of the name of Hainan Medical College to Hainan Medical University, aiming to achieve the goal by 2025

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Official meeting support of hainan medical college during the period of “difference” was upgraded to recently, the hainan medical university education work meeting of hainan province and deployment “ability to promote construction year” mobilization meeting, which clearly put forward support of hainan medical college was upgraded to the medical college and build a high level medical university with distinct characteristics of tropical medicine, supports free trade port in hainan construction of higher education.In 2021, Hainan province proposed to upgrade hainan Medical College to Hainan Medical University by 2025 in order to speed up the innovative development of medical education.The reiteration of the goal of upgrading to a higher university shows that Hainan Province attaches great importance to Hainan Medical College.What conditions have hainan Medical College been upgraded to Hainan Medical University?In the past five years, a number of medical schools in China have been renamed and upgraded to medical universities, such as Xuzhou Medical College in Jiangsu Province, Wenzhou Medical College in Zhejiang Province, And Taishan Medical College in Shandong Province.Then what conditions have hainan Medical College been upgraded to Hainan Medical University?University funds.In 2021, the budget of Hainan Medical College was 572 million yuan, ranking the fourth among local universities in Hainan province and not far behind Hainan Tropical Ocean University.Funding is the basic premise of the introduction of talents, platform construction and scientific research work of colleges and universities. If we want to realize the upgrading of the name in the next few years, it is necessary to appropriately increase the funding.Comprehensive strength.According to the comprehensive strength ranking of domestic medical colleges in 2021, Hainan Medical College ranks 70th among the top 100 medical colleges in China, comparable with Bengbu Medical College and Xinxiang Medical College, and higher than Yangzhou University Medical College, Guilin Medical College and Wannan Medical College.Like Hainan Medical College, the medical colleges mentioned above have also proposed the goal of changing their names to medical universities.The number of disciplines, the number of disciplines, the number of teachers and the number of students of Hainan Medical College have all reached the standards of being upgraded to a university.Picture from network discipline strength.Hainan Medical University is characterized by tropical medicine. Clinical medicine is the strongest discipline of hainan Medical University. It is the first discipline in Hainan province to enter the top 1% of ESI in the world and the only doctoral degree authorization center of hainan Medical University.The university has 5 master’s degree programs in first-level disciplines and 5 professional master’s degree programs.The number of master’s degree programs has reached 10, and the graduate education has been carried out for nearly 10 years, with more than 5 years of graduate graduates, which has met the standards of the college’s renamization and upgrading to a university.The number of provincial key disciplines is also far more than 3, meeting the standard.Scientific research platform.The college changed its name to a university, focusing on whether the scientific research strength of the university meets the standards of the university. The scientific research platform is an important support for scientific research strength and an important carrier of scientific research achievements.At present, Hainan Medical University has more than 10 key laboratories (platforms) above the provincial level, far exceeding the standard of 3.Hainan Medical College is building a number of national key scientific research and teaching platforms, striving to pass the formal acceptance as soon as possible.Hainan medical college important laboratory at or above the provincial level awards, hainan medical college to obtain provincial-level award more than 50 items, only more pity is the lack of national teaching achievement first prize, the prize of national science and technology three, these awards are important tickets college upgraded to university, the gold content is very high, once you have this kind of award, basically can guarantee pass the examination and approval.This is also the goal that hainan Medical College needs to achieve during the “14th Five-year plan”.As a key medical university in Hainan province, Hainan Medical University has obvious policy advantages. Under the national strategy of building hainan Free trade port, the construction of the first provincial medical university in Hainan province is likely to be approved first compared with other medical colleges in other regions, providing important medical guarantee for the future development of the free trade port.