Junlian United Front Work Department of County Party Committee holds cadre workers’ meeting to arrange key work in the near future

2022-06-05 0 By

On February 10, Junlian United Front Work Department of The County Party Committee held a staff meeting to junlian to sum up the work in 2021 and make plans for the first work in 2022.Nie Li, Standing Committee of Junlian County Party Committee and Minister of United Front Work Department, preside over the meeting and make a speech. All cadres and workers attend the meeting.The meeting carefully studied the spirit of the National United Front Department Meeting, interpreted the key points of the United Front Work in 2022 issued by the United Front Department of the CPC Municipal Committee, and arranged the recent key work.At the meeting, the middle-level cadres made a summary of the work of their respective units and offices in 2021, and put forward their work plans for 2022, and the team members reported the work in charge one by one.The meeting called on officials and employees to clarify their thinking on their work in 2022, formulate targeted countermeasures, seek highlights in their work, implement targets and responsibilities, and ensure that all work gets off to a good start.The meeting pointed out that, first, we should conscientiously learn to understand the spirit of the meeting, improve ideological understanding, strengthen ideological and political guidance, with full enthusiasm for work, wholeheartedly into the New Year’s work.Second, active thinking, active planning, strive to create a new situation in the united Front work.Third, we will focus on establishing provincial-level demonstration counties for ethnic unity and progress, work hard, improve the quality and efficiency, and promote the implementation of key work;Fourth, we should give full play to the unique advantages of the united front in gathering, coordinating and making friends, actively promote solid progress in all areas of work, and welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.(Junlian County Party Committee United Front Work Department)