In the new car | new wei ran a comprehensive upgrade, high-end MPV market for a new option?

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November 19, SAIC Volkswagen joined hands with ID. Series pure electric family ID.3, ID.4 X, ID.6 X three models appeared at the Guangzhou Auto Show, at the same time, the attention of the new Majestic also made its debut at the auto show, attracting many eyes.The company is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2022.It is understood that the new Vivean is a new intelligent MPV model based on MQB EVO digital intelligent architecture, and tuan, Golf 8, Octavia PRO and other models are from the platform.As a mid-term model, the new wei Ran in appearance, and did not do too much change, still maintain cash that kind of mature, stable style design, but in the details of a lot of evolution.New car front face intake grille used the design of inverted trapezoid, by a number of rugged horizontal chrome plating network and big lamp group perfect fusion together, a strong sense of unity.At the same time, the front bumper has been chrome decoration, the overall look more dignified and recognizable.When it comes to the side of the body, the new Model uses a lot of broken lines, and the 20-inch multi-spoke wheels are blackened to highlight refinement and add some sporty feeling.The long, narrow taillight, cut through by a chrome trim, is classy and recognizable.Body size remains the same, length, width and height remain 5346mm/1976mm/1781mm, wheelbase is 3180mm.With a length of nearly 5.35m and a 3.2m wheelbase, it offers good space and plenty of legroom in the back row.For the consumer that pays attention to dimensional experience, again appropriate did not pass.The interior is the focus of the evolution of the new Wei Ran, came to the car, you can find that the new Wei Ran used a lot of suspension design.For example, instrument panel, 12-inch central control screen, central channel, door interior and other places are used in suspension design, there is a sense of layering, let a person at the moment.Combined with 10.25 inch full digital LCD meter, the latest dial type electronic shift mechanism and three-panel multi-functional leather steering wheel, all create a good scientific and technological atmosphere.More it is worth mentioning that the new gateway but also upgrade the latest intelligent vehicle systems, the latest driver assistant system, haman caton advanced audio system, etc., the new dynamic capabilities atmosphere inside the car lights, car unlocked when the padlock with the interaction effect, led to a more efficient and digital driving experience is also added some ceremony feeling, more luxurious feeling and sense of enjoyment.Under the new MQB EVO digital intelligence architecture, the high-speed CAN bandwidth is increased from 500KB to 2MB, the Ethernet bandwidth is increased to 100M, and the communication speed is increased by 4 times, which well meets the consumer’s demand for L2 level driving assistance and a more efficient and smooth human-computer interaction experience.In terms of seat layout, the new Majestic still has the 7-seat layout of 2+2+3, while the first class seats in the second row provide waist adjustment, electric adjustment, heating, ventilation and massage functions.And the leg rest can be fully raised, can make people reach a completely relaxed state, providing first-class class enjoyment, with the same level leading comfort enjoyment.In terms of power, the New Power continues with 2.0T high and low power engines with maximum power of 137KW (186HP) and 162KW (220hp) and maximum torque of 320N·m and 350N·m respectively, matched by a seven-speed wet dual clutch transmission.In terms of suspension, New Wei Ran also uses the rear multi-link independent suspension to ensure a comfortable ride experience.Although guiyantang, as a mid-stage model, has not changed much in the appearance of the new Wei ran, the changes in the interior still give consumers a sense of freshness, but also increase the sense of luxury and respect, and further enhance the competitiveness.Therefore, we believe that with excellent product strength, the launch of Xinwei will achieve better results in the high-end MPV market and provide a brand new choice for the high-end MPV.