First, unveil the mysterious veil of the “Pearl” of Science and technology innovation at the bank of Xiangjiadang, and collide with the future!

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Hedian news on January 30 (all media news center reporter Yang Mingsong, Li Xiaoyu, Zhang Junyi, Feng Lu, Tang Qiang, Shen Lin)

If you want to describe Jiaxing, “water town” should be an unavoidable noun, here every river, every lake is unique scenery.Last year, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government put forward a new term — Kechuang Lake District, which is to explore a “world-class Kechuang Lake District” development road relying on the abundant resource advantages of the Lake system.In the South Lake district xiangjiadang bank, a named “South Lake Laboratory” science and technology innovation “pearl” is rising slowly, Jiaguang Group New Year to the grassroots, we will go to uncover the mystery of this “pearl”.Hunan home swing in winter, although a little red and green, but still beautiful scenery, to the open lake station, a “relaxed and happy” blow on the face.The South Lake Laboratory is located in these Chinese buildings on the edge of Xiangjiadang.”By a coincidence, I got to know the head of the center and listened to him introduce the nanhu Laboratory and some future plans. I felt I could do something here, so I gave up the opportunity to work in Beijing and came to Jiaxing.”South Lake laboratory advanced biological manufacturing research center scientific research staff Xiao Yang told reporters.The post-90s girl did not know much about Jiaxing before she came to the city in September 2021 after graduating with a doctorate from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.However, the strong team at South Lake Lab made her go without hesitation.”It’s like a newborn. It’s like a little baby. It’s so active.”This is the most she’s felt here in six months.”The teacher personally demonstrated the experiment operation, and taught me to analyze the experiment results more carefully and plan the experiment plan. We worked together until 11:30pm. When I looked up, I found that this was the quiet time.”This is xiao Yang’s transcript in the moments of friends.She said that the working atmosphere here is very good, the small partners are not afraid of hardship spirit, we work together, can make everyone better growth.In the future, Xiao Yang will focus on the field of structural biology with his team mates, do a good job in the research of related drugs, and establish a pilot test platform, striving to complete everything from experimental design to achievement transformation in Nanhu Laboratory.The Advanced Biological Manufacturing Research Center at Nanhu Laboratory, where Xiao works, is one of the lab’s six research centers.The first phase of the project will be launched in March 2021. The first result briefing will be held in September 2021 at……Aiming at the frontier of science and technology in the world, Nanhu Laboratory is a high-level innovation carrier that serves national strategy and contributes to local economic development.At present, the laboratory, led by six domestic well-known academicians, there are six research center, respectively is chip and the system of artificial intelligence research center, big data technology research center, several intelligence technology research center, rf chip can be defined and system research center, digital and intelligent life and advanced manufacturing research center of biological medicine research center.There are 191 scientific research personnel of various kinds gathered here, among which, more than 80 scientific research backbone are stationed in active service on rotation, accounting for more than 57% of doctoral degree or above.China has officially launched nine independent projects, including research and development of immunity visualization technology and big data integration and interoperability systems, aiming at the frontiers of international science, promoting basic research and original innovation, and accelerating efforts to seize technological heights in key areas.”Our Nanhu Laboratory focuses on the two major areas of life and health and information technology, and will be more pioneering, disruptive and original in the construction process. We are committed to doing useful research.”South Lake laboratory party secretary, executive deputy director Lv Yong said.Lv yong, who has both government experience and eight years of working in another scientific research institution, may have come to the nanhu Lab as a new platform.”Our laboratory has only been established for a short time, and we are still laying the foundation, because scientific research has the rules of scientific research, and it cannot be achieved overnight, so we must keep enough patience and determination to build this platform well.”Although it is a newly established scientific research platform, The development goal of Nanhu Laboratory is very ambitious, that is, to build a world-class laboratory.”Break down the big goals into smaller ones, and work together on them.”Lv Yong said.Over the past year, Nanhu Laboratory has been focusing on infrastructure construction to provide the best conditions for scientific research.Focusing on the introduction and education of high-level talents and gathering talents from all over the world, the work is progressing in an orderly manner.Approaching the Lunar New Year, nanhu Laboratory phase I project construction site is still in full swing.”We are now carrying out the construction of the outdoor auxiliary works, and will not stop during the Spring Festival this year, and strive to complete the construction with quality and quantity guaranteed and deliver it to use by the end of March this year.”Project construction Fang Jiashi Star creation Construction Co., LTD., deputy general manager Feng Li Ning told reporters that one of his biggest wishes in the New Year is that the project can be a perfect ending, so that the scientific research staff of the South Lake laboratory can move into the new building as soon as possible, more at ease, comfortable to do research.The construction of the first phase of the South Lake Laboratory project is different from that of the ordinary site. Each building here has a special construction plan, some to create a clean laboratory, and some to install non-standard size instruments and equipment.In this regard, the project side arranged special personnel and different research teams docking, to meet all kinds of needs.”This place will be used for big research and universities in the future.”Knowing what the buildings would be used for, the workers were all the more motivated.At the construction site, the reporter saw that the appearance of a few buildings has now rudiment, the wall “radio frequency chip” four characters full of ancient charm.According to introduction, these are created by the design team of Tsinghua University, small fonts also have “big”, the project side of the degree of care can be seen.Feng Li ning introduced, the first phase of the South Lake laboratory project covers an area of 142 acres, a total of more than 80,000 square meters, divided into six buildings.In the future, the overall architectural style here will be full of jiangnan water style, with the goal of creating “contemporary fine works and historical relics”, and creating a green scientific research environment surrounded by clear water.In the New Year, three research teams of Nanhu Laboratory will officially move into the new building. For them, everything is a new beginning, a long journey and a promising future.On the basis of building first-class hardware, Nanhu Laboratory is also trying to break the convention, innovate in the system and mechanism, and attract more high-end talents.First, give full play to the resource advantage of academician team influence to attract and recruit talents;The second is to adhere to the “not for my own, but for my use” idea, through part-time employment, double employment and other modes, so that the way of employing more flexible;Third, strengthen the construction of system and mechanism, and empower academician teams with more decision-making power over technology routes, capital allocation and resource allocation, so that they can focus more energy on tackling key technologies.By 2023, Nanhu Laboratory will strive to have 500 high-level talents of all kinds.By 2025, we will strive to have 1000 talents of all kinds.”The academicians have great confidence in our laboratory, and so do the leading talents in the academician team. Their trust is our greatest confidence.”Speaking of the future, Lu yong is full of expectations.As the South Lake area where the Xiangjiadang area is located, it will also support the development of the South Lake laboratory with maximum strength.”The entrepreneurial environment of ‘institutes + talents + industry’ has been basically formed in Xiangjiadang area. We will take the construction of ‘first-class park hardware and first-class service environment’ as the goal.Focusing on life and health, microelectronics, high-end equipment manufacturing and other industries, we will introduce more high-quality enterprises at home and abroad to settle down and help the high-quality development of regional economy.In the future, Xiangjiadang area will become a rising star in the Yangtze River Delta region.”South Lake district deputy head Zhao Yafeng said.Statement of all Media News Center of Xu Yingjia Guang Group: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: