Yuyuan Garden, is 80 yuan admission worth it

2022-06-04 0 By

The Lantern Festival, the last day of the Chinese New Year, connects history and the future. It not only carries the common historical memory, but also condenses the Chinese people’s expectation for a better life in the future.Customs such as appreciating lanterns, eating glutinous rice balls and guessing lantern riddles are repeatedly activated with the cycle of “year”, awakening the feelings and rhythm of marginalization in daily life, promoting and developing common love, hatred and values, gathering collective consensus and shaping life traditions.To be honest, the Lantern Festival is a serious Chinese Valentine’s Day!Folk proverb says: “thirty fire, fifteen lights”, aoshan lamp pole, fire tree silver, that is, lanterns, arson, Lantern Festival is the most prominent landscape, but also ancient men and women meet the best opportunity.In ancient times, women did not go out of the door twice. Only in the Lantern Festival, they could enjoy lanterns and meet friends openly.Yuyuan Lantern Festival, thinking of the last day, also go in to see, after going into great disappointment, in addition to a few lights, there is no Lantern Festival riddles and other elements.This thought yuyuan garden will also open, the result is not at all, but yuyuan mall part, nothing more than a few lights, jiuqu Bridge is so the matter, more than a row of even lights, more people, the bridge also have to wait.Sincerely speaking, Yuyuan Lantern Festival, 80 yuan ticket, not cost-effective!Just for fun!