Oil price adjustment news: today March 16, the national gas station adjusted 92, 95 gasoline new prices

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U.S. WTI April 2022 crude oil futures closed down $6.57, or 6.38%, at $96.44 a barrel in electronic trading Wednesday, March 16.London Brent crude for May 2022 closed down $6.99, or 6.54 percent, at $99.91 a barrel.Oil prices continued their slide on Tuesday, with U.S. oil down more than 6% on signs of a possible resumption of Iran nuclear talks, which could bring more supplies to the market, and renewed concerns about the spread of the global epidemic and geopolitical issues that could affect demand.Oil prices remained bearish after API data showed inventories rising.The fifth Round of oil price Adjustment statistics in 2022:Oil according to the latest statistics, 12 o ‘clock tomorrow evening (24) on March 17, oil prices rose again, the current statistical cycle of 10 working days have been 9 working days, and the end result of tomorrow, but under the influence of international oil prices skyrocketing consecutive innovation high this year, a new round of price adjustment statistics at more than 1 yuan per liter, but also have good news,In recent days, the international oil price has plummeted, falling below $100 / barrel. Affected by this, the expected increase of domestic refined oil products has also dropped from the previous high expected increase to the current 820 yuan/ton, equivalent to the price increase, which is about 0.62 yuan/liter -0.74 yuan/liter range.This round of oil price increase has exceeded the red line of 770 yuan/ton, and there is only a little more than a day to go before oil price adjustment.Tell each other, tomorrow night oil prices will rise, fuel ahead of time to save more money!Today, March 16, we will look at the price of gasoline and diesel in some areas;Shandong 92 gasoline 8.03 yuan/liter;95 gasoline 8.61 yuan/liter;98 gasoline 9.33 yuan/liter;No.0 diesel 7.72 yuan/l;Inner Mongolia 92 gasoline adjusted price 7.98 yuan/liter;Inner Mongolia 95 gasoline price;8.51 yuan/l;Inner Mongolia 98 gasoline adjusted price 9.34 yuan/liter;Inner Mongolia 0 diesel adjusted price;7.59 yuan/l;Zhejiang today 92 gasoline adjusted to 7.95 yuan/liter, 0 diesel 7.63 yuan/liter.