Gengjin was born in Mengqiu, jinwang was born in the soil, transported to the eastern wood, fire kejin, wealth and wealth

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Qianzuo, Wu Shu Shen Geng Yin shu c, Geng Jin Gan on behalf of their own, was born in the month of Shen Jin Wang, and wu Shu three soil born, rob India strong wang, Ren Shuishen was wu Shu soil jacket, and remote ke c fire seven kill, so abandoned, will be used to c fire seven kill rob, Yin wood for wealth for god.At the beginning of the transport of you, geng shuo transport, western gold transport, soil gold and wang, jin Keyin, and relief of c fire seven kill gas, wood fire wealth kill with god are injured, so the Lord was born in a poor family, and easy to get sick, legs and feet prone to trauma, body flourishing without dependence, childhood and adolescence had more sad and rough.Xinhai, RenZi, decyl ugly, 30 years in the north water, gan hai zi fire injury although star discharge kinson wood, but the air-dried c sheen, and nonyl decyl water feed hurt restraint c fire seven killed, c fire seven kill injury with god, expensive gas, and easy to make a little breath, poor and turbulence displacement, luck meet with setbacks, obstacles, so the Lord of Pentecostal before, nothing.Fame and fortune are like pictures of cakes, which can only be found in dreams.JiaYin YiMao luck, 20 years in the east square timber, help in the original bureau of wood fire wealth, wealth zi weak killed, Yin defensibly GongBingCheng fire bureau, bases the fire of the flame seven kill stronger, system of powerful, the universiade and the original bureau form a pattern of body kill two stop big expensive, Lord of fortunes into prosperity, go out to do business get noble support, rich father, estimate the equivalent of more than tens of millions of RMB, nowThe so-called pu Liu wang autumn and wither, pine and cypress winter and MAO also, is the so-called without a cold biting, which have fragrant plum.A late bloomer is a miserable youth, a poor and unhappy middle age, and a blessed old age.