Canada airlifted a shipment of non-lethal weapons to Ukraine

2022-06-04 0 By

February 5 – According to Russian media reports, Canada sent a military transport plane on The night of February 3 to airlift a new shipment of non-lethal weapons to Ukraine.”In the evening of February 3, an Air Force C-177 Globemaster took off from Trenton carrying a shipment of non-lethal weapons, within the framework of Canada’s recent announcement of immediate support for Ukraine and the expansion of Uniter operations,” Canadian sources said.Canada stressed that Ottawa “firmly supports the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine.”The airlift to Ukraine mainly includes individual protective equipment, reconnaissance equipment and observation equipment.Ottawa had previously announced that the Uniter mission’s strength in Ukraine would gradually increase from 200 to 400 troops over time.Since 2014, NATO led by the United States has provided weapons and military training services to Ukraine, which directly violates the Minsk agreement and negatively affects the mediation of the situation in Donbass.In addition to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia and other countries have also taken part in providing arms to Ukraine, worth billions of dollars.