200 square meters of modern, simple, close to nature space, back to nature design, comfortable and comfortable

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In this 200 square meters villa, the overall space to adopt a modern and simple wind design, simple and generous hard decoration on the modern simple and elegant furniture, and then through the delicate details of the decoration, the introduction of natural lighting and plants, so that the indoor environment is full of natural and comfortable feeling back to nature.Living room ▲ The living room ceiling is decorated with wooden strips, two sofas are placed against the back, both sides are living room functions, providing a relaxed and comfortable living room atmosphere experience;Rock plate material tea table, arranged in a simple and modern space, also makes the living room more minimalist and senior atmosphere ▲ TV wall on the basis of rock plate material background wall, add a black background, combined with outdoor natural bright light, so that the living room space appears simple and elegant fashion high-grade.▲ Gray cloth sofa, side and black open receiving grid sofa is also behind the leisure hall, so that the living room space sense is spacious and flexible interesting.The attic is equipped with skylights and French Windows, orange leather sofa, black and white cow pattern carpet, and the rear wall is full of storage. Decorations make the space appear flexible, carefree and comfortable.▲ Tea table with zebra patterns, in the modern and delicate space, bring people is a dignified sense of fashion and elegance.▲ Outside the French window of the leisure area is the terrace space. The introduction of plants and sunlight makes the whole leisure area full of natural and comfortable feeling.Stairs ▲ Stairs to wooden stepping, handrails to join the glass material design, so that the staircase space simple and natural and bright.Bedroom ▲ The bedroom is decorated with grey cloth bed, covered with white and red sheets, plus natural and bright lighting environment, making the space full of elegant fashion of senior sense.Master bedroom ▲ Master bedroom in the simple space under the ceiling to no master lamp design, arranged on the gray cloth art bed, with blue and white matching sheets, gray side wall with rows of display shelves, the overall simple and elegant bright space, but also appears more simple and gorgeous and elegant.Second lie ▲ second lie side of the white wall to join the combination of open display rack, put books and small ornaments, but also let the space appears particularly elegant delicate and interesting literature and art.▲ The other side of the yabai wall base to join the display rack, the window custom L shape of the large desk, but also to provide a convenient and practical work overtime position for the host.Reading area ▲ Large customized bookshelves, leisure benches and small coffee tables are arranged in the reading area, providing a comfortable and relaxed reading experience for the host.▲ Toilet to sauna board for smallpox, the ground and wash basin to rock board gray material, double wash basin + large wash mirror, by the window customization on the large bathtub, the owner to enjoy a comfortable bath space experience.▲ Another toilet grey floor tile base, with elegant white wall tile and bathtub, simple and elegant bathroom space, make life more fashionable dignified and natural.Design: Xie Hexi, Review: Design Museum