What are the primary school students doing during the Spring Festival? They laughed when they saw the first picture

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As the Spring Festival celebrations come to an end, parents and their children have to face the reality of catching up on their winter homework.Known homework is easy to say, can fill in the day, night, do not care about the time, do not care about the place……The most terrible is the unknown homework!Brave scalp to ask other mother: xx mother happy New Year, take the liberty to ask you know what the teacher assigned winter vacation homework is?Yes, they all know!!In addition to writing homework, I also need to clock out orally, clock out in English, clock out in reading, build blocks, shoot videos, sing songs, tell stories…All the family!Mother is responsible for explaining composition, downloading a lesson, collecting fable story…Dad drafted the speech, word by word…Grandma picked up scissors and began to cut colorful paper sheets…Grandpa searched the community for strange leaves…Many waking sayings come to mind: the three masters are the head of a cobbler;One chopstick can be broken quickly, but three more can be broken.Comrades, the family lacks cohesion, try the whole family make up homework!For more family harmony, try doing homework for the whole family!To eliminate boredom, try doing homework for the whole family!Happy and harmonious new realm, the whole family repair homework together!!