Two months after the old man fell again by the same police rescue

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Recently, an old man in Yangguang town fell down at the door of a restaurant because of the slippery road. Fortunately, he met the police alarm from the kind people. The police officer on duty Lin quickly responded to the police.At 13:00 on February 6th, Yangguang police station received a call to the police that an old man fell to the ground at the door of a restaurant.After receiving the police, Lin led the team immediately rushed to the scene. When they arrived at the scene, they found an old man lying on the ground. Fortunately, the old man was conscious and could communicate with the police normally.Police officer Lin helped the old man up in time. After questioning the old man and preliminary examination, the old man could stand and walk normally, and no obvious scars were found.During the conversation, the old man told the police that he was not injured, but he was old and could not stand up after falling down.It is understood that the old man is named Zhang, who lives in Yangguang Linfeng community.After hearing the old man’s name, Lin immediately recalled that it was the same old man who went out alone and fell in the field of Daxin Village two months ago.Because the last time fell in the field covered with mud, and today the old man is wearing a straw hat, so the old man said his name just found.It is also a coincidence that the old Man Zhang fell twice on a rainy day in Yangguang district, and were rescued by the same police in Yangguang police station twice.After confirming her safety, Lin contacted her son to bring her home.When the old man’s son arrived, Lin did not forget to tell his son that the old man was old and could not move easily, so he should be accompanied by his family as far as possible.His son told the police, the old man is usually at home to rest, go out accompanied by family members, today I do not know how to run out of his own, the old man’s son thanked the police, his father safely back home.