Ying: Seven years of marriage is over. I am no longer Mrs Huang but we are still family

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This is what Yang Ying said when asked about her marriage to Huang Xiaoming in an interview. At that time, her eyes were full of smiles and happiness.For Yang Ying, she was lucky to meet Huang Xiaoming, who provided her with support for her career, support for her and a home.Since two people together to get married to get married, rumors have been everywhere, everyone is not optimistic about the marriage of two people, they have not been affected, but has been trying to be happy.But happiness does not depend on efforts to achieve, the two did not survive the so-called seven-year itch, the seven-year marriage eventually ended in divorce.But the end of marriage is not the end of the relationship between the two people, from a close couple into an ordinary family, they still have a long way to go in the future.In 2005, Yang Ying got married to Huang Xiaoming at Shanghai Exhibition Center. The wedding scene was romantic and beautiful. Celebrities from all walks of life came to wish them well.A century wedding is said to spend 200 million, also let her become the happiest woman.And this has everything from the man beside her — Huang Xiaoming.Before she met Huang Xiaoming, Yang Ying was just like a duckfish, running around just to find a way out.A path to fame, but nowhere, until Huang Xiaoming came to her rescue.However, we know only two or three of the efforts that Yang Ying has made step by step from an unknown tender model to huang Xiaoming’s bedside companion. Perhaps only Yang Ying’s heart will know more.For Huang xiaoming’s birthday, Yang ying uses all her contacts to invite all her young model friends, and wears a sailor suit to win huang xiaoming’s favor, which also shows Yang ying’s humble position.Fortunately, pay is rewarded, even if be scolded is small three, but always keep silent.It was not until some time ago that Yang Ying called Huang Xiaoming on Weibo for the first time, calling him Mr. Huang, to clear her name and not want to carry the blame of the third party.Maybe Yang Ying got what she wanted in this marriage, but at the same time, she also paid a lot. When Weibo clarified that she was not a mistress, there was probably a lot of discord in their marriage.But we don’t know exactly what happened between them.We see Yang ying come to Huang Xiaoming’s side as the godmother’s wife, but after seven years they fall apart and their marriage ends.In fact, Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming were very happy when they got married.Huang Xiaoming loves her very much and will learn to cook for her. He will also care about her when he goes out. When he is on a business trip, he hears That Yang Ying likes to eat a certain brand of ice cream, so Huang Xiaoming immediately buys this brand of ice cream from the whole street.Then guard not to let the staff touch, must personally bring back to Yang Ying to eat.Such things are too numerous to enumerate. Yang Ying sees huang Xiaoming’s good to her and keeps in mind, so she really plans to give up her career and not go out to work. She will concentrate on taking care of the family and take good care of Huang Xiaoming’s parents.Huang xiaoming’s mother once commented on Yang Ying: “I think my daughter-in-law is very filial. I really regard Baby as my own daughter. They get along very well.To be able to get such a high evaluation of her mother-in-law, Yang Ying must have paid a lot of efforts.The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is harmonious, and the relationship between husband and wife is naturally very good. Yang Ying occasionally praised Huang Xiaoming on the show for being kind, easy-going and sincere, etc. Huang Xiaoming is the same.However, it seems that the harmonious family relationship between the two also has a lot of incompatibility in life, for example, Yang Ying is used to life casually.When huang xiaoming came back late at night, he would put the contact lenses he took out, which made Huang Xiaoming’s mother think they were something valuable. Huang Xiaoming felt uncomfortable after looking at them, so she could only tell Yang Ying not to throw them away.Huang Xiaoming talked about Yang Ying like this, and threw the socks he took off when he got home. Although Yang Ying said it many times, Huang Xiaoming insisted on it.Of course, no one is perfect, everyone has shortcomings, but what makes Yang Ying most unbearable is huang Xiaoming’s attitude to deal with their conflicts.Every time there is a conflict between them, Huang xiaoming basically says perfunctorily: “Line, line, line, it’s all my fault, I’m wrong.”Huang Xiaoming’s original intention was not to escalate the conflict and quarrel with Yang Ying, but Yang Ying thought this attitude was just permissive. Huang Xiaoming could not answer huang Xiaoming’s question and was even more angry.The conflict between lovers may be resolved in this way, but such treatment between husband and wife will undoubtedly snowball the conflict, and eventually become an irreconcilable knot.Perhaps their marriage was doomed from this time, but huang xiaoming made a decision that undoubtedly pushed the distance between him and Yang Ying even further.For some time after their marriage, Huang xiaoming felt it was unfair for her to leave all the family affairs to Yang Ying.So Huang Xiaoming took the initiative to let Yang Ying comeback, to fight the cause.Yang ying also agreed, with huang xiaoming’s support, she began to make movies, TV series, variety show Running Man…Slowly Yang Ying really fire up, she is no longer standing in the side of the small transparent.She became so famous for her beauty and variety that people recognized her and asked for her autograph.Even once red to Japan and South Korea, became the darling of advertising, but also become the star Yang Ying can stand side by side with Huang Xiaoming.The bonus didn’t last long, however, as Ying announced her pregnancy in 2016 just as her career was taking off.The following year, Yang ying gave birth to her son, Sponge sponge, but she could no longer stay at home and soon went back to work, but this did not stop her from trying to be a good mother.Even though she is busy, Yang ying still spends as much time as possible with Xiao Sponge.When little sponge goes to kindergarten, he will be sent to school every day, and then say goodbye to the child, and tell little sponge to finish the few things every day to see her.Yang gave herself 9.5 out of 10 for being a mother, but only gave Huang 7 because he was too obsessed with work and neglected his family and children at that time.The fact is really such also, huang Xiaoming is in play crew all the time pat play, nevertheless 3 also often its happy and harmonious bask in happiness, once the hearsay that marriage changes seems to collapse, but the fact seems to be not so simple.After giving birth, Ying quickly returned to work and became one of Asia’s hottest actresses with her ability and beauty.However, the following rumors spread, among which the most discussed is no more than the suspicion that she used Huang Xiaoming’s resources to become popular, although Huang Xiaoming clarified for Yang Ying: “Even if Yang Ying did not meet me, she would be strong and develop very well, but fate brought us together.”Having said that, Yang ying still feels uncomfortable because she has to tear off her brand name with a bunch of male stars and soak in water in the middle of winter.It is unfair that audiences only attribute their success to Huang Xiaoming’s help.Perhaps because of this, she was eager to tear off the label of Madame Huang and began to hope that she could stand in the center of the stage independently as Yang Ying.But at this time once that section of the past was turned out again cold rice heat fry, let her to “Huang Madam” this identity more upset.In 2021, the past between Huang Xiaoming and his ex-girlfriend Li Fei-er was brought to light again after they appeared on the variety show “My Sister who Breaks the Waves” together.But Yang Ying changed her silent attitude and publicly denied it and asked Huang Xiaoming to solve the problem: from then on, the news of their marriage broke out frequently, and a lot of things may have changed at that time.Huang xiaoming’s comments on Yang Ying are no longer the good words they used to praise, but become “I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I’m not good at acting”, and Yang Ying’s comments on Huang Xiaoming also become “I can’t eat when cooking, I can’t coordinate my hands and feet” and so on.From the once unanimous praise to the later fault-finding, it is not the love of the old couple, but the mutual blame and dislike in life.But at that time, Yang Ying was still inferior to Huang Xiaoming in her career, and soon the situation changed.Huang Xiaoming encounters career trough, no one looks for him to take a play, weight is suddenly thin, and at that time Yang Ying is career peak, attend Korean evening party to occupy hot search list only by right of beauty for seven days, make a person surprise.At the party, she looked haggard and tired beside Her like a bandmate’s skirt, while She was beaming and her position was changed.After their performance at the party, the news of their divorce came out again, and they denied it even though everyone thought they were getting a divorce.Who would have thought that on January 28, 2022, the couple would announce that they were divorcing after eight years of marriage and that their son would be raised together?In fact, looking back on their eight-year marriage, did Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming ever love each other?Believe it is loved.Huang Xiaoming will learn the dance of Korean combination specially for Yang Ying, even if it is not his own specialty, he will try his best to perform for Yang Ying, and he will consider Yang Ying’s feelings publicly on weibo to protect his wife.As for Yang Ying, I believe she really loved Huang Xiaoming. In life, she can only remember huang Xiaoming’s phone number, and the first man she thinks of is Huang Xiaoming. She often praises Huang Xiaoming in front of everyone…So maybe Huang xiaoming has never really tried to understand Yang Ying’s inner thoughts. Huang Xiaoming only wants Yang Ying to return to the family, but Yang Ying actually said her inner thoughts:For a mature woman, understand yourself far more important than love yourself, willing to communicate and listen to far more than sweet words and readily accept soft romantic, and this is precisely Huang Xiaoming can not do.It is obvious that the better Yang’s career develops, the harder it is for her to go back to being huang xiaoming’s ideal wife and accept one-sided “I think” relationships.After marriage, I have been fighting for my career, trying to get rid of the label of relying on men. I have been putting all my thoughts on work, ignoring family, and also ignoring marriage and career, which all need to be managed.However, even though Yang ying tried so hard, she still failed to win huang Xiaoming’s recognition. Huang xiaoming still criticized Yang Ying for her ordinary background, her poor acting skills and her lack of proficiency in singing and dancing, and did not care about Yang ying’s face.In fact, sometimes it may be true, but the audience will comment on Yang Ying’s shortcomings, but what a husband should do is to encourage and comfort or provide help, and this is what Huang Xiaoming cannot do.When a woman can’t get what she wants from marriage, it’s probably only a matter of time before she leaves, but maybe Yang ying saw Huang xiaoming as the resource she could bring from the beginning.Perhaps at the beginning is not because of love, a marriage mixed with interests, is unable to last.But the exact reason for their divorce may be known only to the people involved.But no matter why they choose to separate, now everything can not go back, fortunately, they are responsible people will raise their son Sponge together.When not each other’s lifelong lover, when the eternal family is also good, as they say: “Thanksgiving all the past, the future is still family!”Retreating from close companionship into the name of family may be the best relationship they have.For Yang Ying, the end of a marriage, rid of the title of Lady Huang, the coming days may be bumpy.But it’s also the best way for her to prove her worth, hone her acting skills and come up with a good work to break her reputation as a resource.Yang Ying still has a long way to go in the future. What she should do now is to take every step in the entertainment industry with down-to-earth attitude, identify her shortcomings and make up for her shortcomings.