What brand of sportswear will be worn at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics?

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At 8:04 PM on February 4, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will open in the Bird’s Nest stadium.Different from the Summer Olympic Games, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games is held outdoors at night, which requires the opening ceremony clothing of various Olympic delegations to be “cool”, but also to keep warm, not “cold”, which has naturally become the top fashion sports brands to display design and technology “show”.Want to know the latest outdoor trends and fashion trends?Take a look at what the winter Olympic delegation will wear into the “Bird’s Nest”!Ralph Lauren has been an official apparel brand of the United States Olympic Committee since the 2008 Beijing Games.Ralph Lauren has taken great care to design different outfits for the Opening ceremony. The men will wear white jackets with red and blue patches, while the women will wear navy jackets.They will all wear matching knitted caps and gloves, as well as special masks for the opening ceremony.Importantly, Ralph Lauren’s cutting-edge “Intelligent Insulation” technology has been used for team USA’s opening ceremony clothes, which can span three seasons by extending and creating an Insulation layer that can adapt to cold temperatures without using external power.Seamless transition from indoor environment to outdoor environment.Snowboarders Jamie Anderson and Shaun White wore unisex costumes for the closing ceremony, including buffalo plaid hooded down jackets, wool pants and leggings for both men and women, as well as gloves, boots and other items made from sustainable materials, down jackets, boots and gloves made from recycled polyester.Turtlenecks and hats are made from certified WOOL from the United States.True to its more than 50-year history, Ralph Lauren has achieved the perfect balance of design, utility and cutting-edge technology.Many people know lululemon as a yoga clothing brand that’s been popular with girls for years, but they don’t necessarily know that lululemon originated in Canada and that people make outdoor clothing.Lululemon, which has just signed a partnership with the Canadian Olympic Committee, has brought different designs for the opening and closing ceremonies for the country’s winter Olympic team.Among them, the opening ceremony dress is mainly red, top is a parka, equipped with straps to facilitate carrying in high temperature, with printed and not printed two sports pants optional.The closing ceremony outfit was also parka and jogging pants, changed to off-white, a variant print of Canada’s iconic maple leaf pattern, with matching scarves, gloves and other accessories.That said, Lululemon’s catalogue has to be the most artistic of any team — after all, the models are members of the Canadian figure skating team.DESCENTE is a high-end sports brand that originated in Japan and has been focusing on ice and snow for nearly 70 years. DESCENTE has maintained long-term cooperation with many top ice and snow teams in the world. In this Beijing Winter Olympic Games, several ice and snow national teams from Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Spain and other countries will wear DESCENTE.DESCENTE’s uniforms will be worn by TEAM JAPAN during the opening ceremony, the first time DESCENTE has provided the official sportswear for JAPAN’s Olympic and Paralympic teams since the 2014 Sochi Winter Games.DESCENTE’s official sportswear products for TEAM JAPAN include down jackets, stretch jackets, T-shirts, cold hats, face protecters, gloves, backpacks, etc.Among them, the down jacket and jacket are mainly in red tones. On both sides of the chest are the logos of DESCENTE and “TEAM JAPAN” respectively. The “TEAM JAPAN” on the back also clearly shows the identity of the delegation.The North Face, a partner of The Korean Olympic Committee, has unveiled three official sportswear items for The Korean team at The Beijing Winter Olympics:Among them, the white uniform continues the design of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medal uniform. The red and blue colors of the Korean national flag are transformed into stripes that symbolize speed and power.Another red and black down jacket is quite ordinary, just with the LOGO of the Korean Olympic Committee.Also relatively distinctive is the charging clothes, the Korean mountains and rivers painted on the top, the appearance level is fair.Ochsner SportOchsner Sport is an up-and-coming sports brand from Switzerland.Switzerland is the “ice team”, ranked eighth in the all-time gold medal tally, and this is the first time that the Swiss Olympic team will wear a local brand at the Winter Games.Ochsner Sport designed the Swiss team’s uniforms in red, a color of varying saturation, with a windbreak jacket that morphed the white cross of the Swiss flag into a vertical bar in the center.Ben Sherman this may be a brand that many of you are not familiar with. I was talking about the Mod culture a while ago, but Ben Sherman was the grandfather of the Mod style in the 1960s and has influenced almost every British brand since.Ben Sherman started out making artisanal shirts with a sharp, trendy Italian influence. Beautiful Ben Sherman shirts were also a must-have for Mods of the era.Ben Sherman designed the opening and closing ceremonies for team GB in a British style.The top consists of a dark blue woolen coat lined with cashmere and a union Jack sweater designed to keep warm and gentlemanly.The bottom dress is dark gray casual trousers, with shoes, cold hat, scarf, gloves and other items and accessories, everywhere you go with pure London fashion.Le Coq Sportif (commonly known as “The French Rooster”) is a century-old fashion sports brand originated in France. As a partner of the French Olympic Committee,Based on the red, white and blue colors of the French national flag, the official clothing for the 2022 French Winter Olympic Delegation was designed.The coat is a sport coat, red, white and blue colors converge at the neckline, large color splicing is very conspicuous.More interesting is the LOGO on the chest, respectively, Le Coq Sportif’s “rooster” and the French Olympic Committee’s new “Flame rooster”, the two “Gallic rooster” on the side of each other, can be described as a perfect match.Adidas and the German Winter Olympics team felt they needed some “Rebellious Optimism” in the wake of the lengthy COVID-19 pandemic, and they designed their suits around that theme.They include long and short-sleeved t-shirts with red backgrounds, black sport coats with fluorescent green and yellow patches, down jackets, mid-length down jackets, and cold hats.Because this year is the Year of the Tiger in China, and “tiger” is a symbol of black in German culture, so the clothing collection is based on black.The bright combination of fluorescent green symbolizes optimism, courage and strength.At last year’s Tokyo Olympics, armani’s white uniforms with a circular Italian flag for the Italian delegation stood out, but they didn’t go any further in Beijing.It’s just a modest blue and black colour scheme — without armani and the Italian Olympic Committee logo, you might even dare to wonder if it’s a normal high school uniform.Uniqlo and Uniqlo are a fitting fit: Uniqlo entered Sweden in 2018 and has been working with the Swedish Olympic Committee since 2019 to develop its LifeWear line with Professional athletes and teams in Sweden.Sweden has a beautiful natural environment and is a world leader in sustainable development, which is also in line with LifeWear’s eco-friendly lifestyle philosophy. It integrates a large number of recyclable materials and environmental protection technology, and designs simple and bright Olympic clothing, which made its debut in Tokyo 2020, leaving a deep impression on people.Uniqlo’s official uniforms for the Swedish delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics continue the minimalist style, with the opening ceremony featuring a combination of blue and blue-black down jackets and black track pants. Blue is Sweden’s iconic color after all (see Ikea).Other ski uniforms, too, come in simple, solid colors, making them uniqlo.ICEPEAKICEPEAK is a century-old outdoor sports brand originating in Finland.In Korea, the brand is known to skiers for its ski sports equipment and has even sponsored six national ski teams, including the freestyle halfpipe national team.After the Tokyo Olympics, ICEPEAK created official clothing for the Finnish Olympic team again.The clothes are in cold grey and Finnish classic colors white and blue.Selected high quality wool fabric and warm lamb hair, stylish and warm.KarbonKarbon is a high-end Canadian snowboard brand that has been providing official clothing for the Australian winter Olympic team since the 2006 Turin winter Olympics.Their opening ceremony outfits are a striking camouflage green, with a zipper in gold, the colour of Australia and Olympic gold.In order to withstand Beijing’s colder winters than those at the same latitude, the clothes are also equipped with a built-in USB electric heater.The Australian Olympic Committee has also teamed up with Sportscraft to create official team suits.Sportscraft was founded in 1914 and this marks the ninth time the brand has created official suits for the Australian Olympic team.In addition, some clothing details reflect the brand’s ingenuity: On the lining are the names of Australian athletes who have competed in every Winter Olympics since 1936, and the 15 gold medalists are printed in gold letters.Founded by Anastasia Zadorina, a 33-year-old Russian designer whose father, according to public records, was a senior FSB official, the brand has won a number of government procurement projects.It also signed an eight-year partnership with the Russian Olympic Committee from 2017.The Russian team will compete under the name “Russian Olympic Team” because of its doping violations at the Sochi Games.This is reflected in ZASPORT’s official Olympic dress design, which excludes the Russian flag and the word “RUSSIA”.But that didn’t stop the designers from creating stunning designs: The down jacket’s background is a Russian National Geographic puzzle, which shows natural landmarks including the Sochi coastline and Lake Baikal.The irregular stripes of white, blue and red on the sleeves subtly present the Russian flag, while the dragon shading on the long-sleeved hoodie is full of Chinese elements.At the end of ANTA ANTA in China, some people must ask, what about China?It is well known that we Chinese people have a deep Olympic complex, so every Chinese Olympic delegation’s opening ceremony clothing, can become a hot topic of discussion — perhaps in order to keep everyone’s appetite, as the Official partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee, Anta has not officially released the Chinese delegation’s opening ceremony clothing.Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympic Games opening ceremony of the Chinese delegation at the 2018 winter Olympics pyeongchang, and many official occasions, before the games athletes wore emblazoned with the flag of China anta long down jacket, so we have reasons to predict, the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, the Chinese delegation’s appearance clothing will continue long down jacket design is concise and lively.These are some of the important delegations’ costumes for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.The better you feel, The better you Perform.I hope the athletes of all countries can compete out of grace, the level of competition, especially the Chinese delegation winter Olympics athletes, hard refueling!SOOZY Plastic most