Wang Wei led a team to inspect the area of work safety

2022-06-01 0 By

Zhangjiajie news network on January 26 (to fang Yun) Spring Festival approaching, production safety work resolutely can not be taken lightly.On January 25, Sangzhi County Chenjiahe town Party secretary Wang Wei led the town emergency office and other relevant units of the staff of the area of production safety work to carry out a comprehensive inspection, investigation and rectification of safety risks, for the masses to actively create a good production safety situation, to ensure the area of harmony and stability during the Spring Festival.On the same day, Wang Wei has come to chenjiahe town liquefied gas station, rock house mouth nursing home, Chenjiahe town fireworks and firecrackers centralized sales point and other key areas to carry out pre-festival safety production inspection, focusing on the inspection of fire safety, road traffic safety and other work.At each place, Wang Wei carefully checked the work book of production safety, and asked the relevant person in charge to understand the implementation of the responsibility of production safety, and handed over the checked problems to the site, requiring timely rectification in place.In yanyukou Nursing home, Wang Wei asked the person in charge to understand the living conditions of the elderly in detail, checked the kitchen and the elderly’s bedroom, and checked the fire facilities.Wang Told the relevant personnel, must do a good job of work safety in the nursing home, pay attention to the use of fire and electricity safety, at the same time to timely understand the needs and difficulties of the elderly, improve living conditions, to ensure that they have a warm Spring Festival.In the inspection, the King’s committee requirements, the town to attach great importance to the work of production safety, always tight production safety this string, always put the people’s life and property safety in mind, actively create a good Spring Festival production safety situation.Further compaction responsibility, strict implementation of regulatory responsibility and enterprise responsibility, the implementation of detailed work, key industries, key places, key period of hidden trouble investigation, timely elimination of security risks.To further strengthen the publicity, through the distribution of brochures, wechat public number and other channels, actively promote the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning, small fire death and other common winter safety production knowledge, constantly enhance the safety awareness of the people, to form a good atmosphere of safety for everyone.