Happy New Year!Public benefit film “Love life warm Heart Spring” in Pudong New Museum

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On February 1, 2019, the “2022 New Year celebration of Shanghai Golden Tiger Blessing — public benefit film screening” opened in pudong Group Art Museum’s new building.Wonderful movies will be shown every day from the first to the 16th day of the lunar New Year.There are both children’s favorite animated movies, comedy, literary and romantic love films.Qunyi Museum helps citizens celebrate the Spring Festival with rich cultural feast.On the first day of the New Year, families came to the museum in an endless stream.Children dressed in beautiful clothes, competing with the small tiger doll in front of the theater to take photos, the scene is a lively scene.Ten minutes before the start of the show, people began to line up.Everyone actively cooperated with the epidemic prevention requirements, entered with bright codes, wore masks throughout the whole process, and sat apart.The public benefit film screening is free of charge and limited to 50 viewers per screening.Just four minutes after the system opened, tickets for the first two films, “Pig Man: Diary of a Dinosaur” and “1921,” sold out. So far, more than 30 films have been sold out.The demand for public benefit film screening was high, and the first day of the first day of the first month was full. After the show, citizens took the initiative to ask the staff, wanting to know the information about the follow-up film screening of the group art Museum, and to praise the public benefit film screening to enjoy the theater-level service.1. Address: Pioneer Theater, Floor 1, Building 2, Pudong Qunyi Museum, No. 2769 jinxiu Road, Pudong New Area.2. Due to epidemic prevention, the maximum number of viewers per session is 50, and online reservation system is adopted for free admission.Please scan the QR code or follow pudong culture public account to make an appointment.3. Films are subject to actual screenings.There will be two consecutive screenings with a 10-minute intermission.1. Viewers are required to promise that they are in good physical condition recently, have no symptoms of fever, cough, fatigue or other symptoms within 14 days, have not been in contact with COVID-19 patients or suspected patients, have not been to high-risk areas, or have been in contact with people from medium-high risk areas.2. Public benefit movies shown in Pudong New Area Mass Culture and Art Museum are free of charge. Online booking is required.3. There are two consecutive films every afternoon with a 10-minute intermission. The time of the second film will be affected by the length of the first film and the actual situation shall prevail.Please check in for each movie on time. If you can’t attend the movie, please cancel the appointment in time. If you miss the appointment twice without any reason, you will be blacklisted and your subsequent viewing will be affected.4. Please comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention. When entering the theater, please take your temperature and show your health code and travel code.5. Children under 3 years old are not allowed to enter the cinema. Preschoolers and senior citizens over 80 years old should be accompanied by their family members.Please observe the public order and watch the movie in a civilized manner. Do not walk around. Do not call or answer loudly.Text: Cao Zhiguang editor: Zhang Ziwei * reprinted please indicate from Pudong released official wechat