Don’t worry about configuration!These three phones are typical, where experience is more important than stuff

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Many laymen think that the better the configuration of mobile phone experience is better, but in fact, blindly heap heap configuration but excessive performance, not necessarily can bring the best experience, is not necessarily the most suitable for their choice.This article introduces three typical mobile phones that not only do not lose configuration, but also have excellent experience. Friends who need replacement can focus on it!Xiaomi 10S90Hz, 33W wired, 30W wireless, 10W reverse charging, Harman Katen stereo;This price regardless of the main machine or standby machine is quite good!Performance: Snapdragon 870 processor, 65W+ running point;Audio: Sound quality is the main selling point of Xiaomi 10S. Harman Katun Golden Ear team has great auditory experience for tuning and playing games.Battery life: 4780mAh battery capacity, 33W wired fast charge can be fully charged in an hour, 30W wireless fast charge can also be fully charged in just over an hour.Game test: King of Glory stable at full 60fps level, line or group battle will not stall, Peace Elite in open high quality and high frame rate mode, stable at 40fps smooth operation, comprehensive experience is very good;Buying guide overall is a good mobile phone, the ratio of 10 s comprehensive performance is good, there is no obvious shortcomings, is a sincere a flagship model, experience down 11 performance is better than the iterative millet, ono feel warm in the millet 11 severe this year, take a look around to recycle the 3 k in return for the millet 10 s, it is not going to upgrade.Black Shark 43000 price, game mobile phone first choice!Performance: Snapdragon 870+UFS3.1+LPDDR5, sandwich liquid cooling, excellent game experience!Screen: 1080P, 144 Hz OLED straight screen, DC dimming;Battery life: good battery life, quick charge, 4500mAh 65 flash charge for 35 minutes 100%;Hand feeling: Z axis motor, magnetic power shoulder key.Black Shark 4 whether configuration or performance are almost achieved this range of the extreme price, whether the use of life or game use, are very good.But its only weakness is that it is heavier, not thinner.Meizu 18 is the first choice for android with a small screen. Meizu has a simple system with a high body appearance and a good feel. It is fully equipped with Snapdragon 888, with excellent performance and no pressure to load large games.Good screen, 2k+ resolution, super clear picture quality, plus high screen brush, smooth picture;The body feels good, eight curved micro arc design, can be operated with one hand small screen machine;SONY IMX682 CMOS main camera + ultra wide Angle lens + telephoto lens, complete lens module configuration, and support OIS optical tremble, good vision shooting effect;Insufficient: battery life and charging speed generally around summary above is around for you to summarize the three models, if you have views, welcome to leave a message in the comment area!If a friend needs to change the machine, don’t forget to make reasonable use of the old machine, to transfer your idle flow, return blood to buy a new machine is not distressed!