Underground more than 200 meters of the Spring Festival stick

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Bangkok February 2 (reporter Sun Guangyong) “I come from the Three Gorges, bring my love.Full of passionate songs, just like the surging river…”February 1st, the first day of Chinese New Year.Deep in the mountains of Laos’ Xieng Khouang Plateau, Chen Zhichao, an engineering specialist, and his colleagues were inspecting a tunnel 200 meters underground at the Power China Hydropower Station no.5 in South Russia.”From December to March of the next year is the dry season in Laos, and the reservoir area of the hydropower station drops to the dead level. It is also the best time for comprehensive inspection and maintenance of hydropower facilities and equipment of the hydropower station. It often coincides with the Spring Festival, and I have long been used to it.”Chen Zhichao, who has spent four Consecutive Spring Festivals in the power station, told reporters.”This year’s routine maintenance of the power station consists of inspection and maintenance of the water diversion system and maintenance of the generator set. In order to complete the maintenance of the water diversion system before the rainy season, and ensure the safety of power production and flood control, the 9.97 km maintenance of the water diversion system was arranged to be completed during the Spring Festival,” Chen said.In order to ensure the progress of maintenance work, although it is New Year’s day, but early in the morning, Chen Zhichao and more than 10 middle-aged and old staff colleagues into the diversion tunnel.Chen and his colleagues’ clothes soon got soaked through with water dripping overhead and water underfoot from the 6km trek.Along the way, Chen Zhichao carefully checked the lining concrete of the tunnel with a flashlight from time to time to see if there was any abnormality, whether it was washed or eluted. He would stop every time he found a place, accurately record the location and size of the occurrence and take photos.At the same time, the wood and stone debris rushed into the tunnel were collected and carried out of the tunnel.The Laotian employee who went into the tunnel with Chen is A villager from Nantin village, who lives near the hydropower station. This is the third year in a row that he has participated in the maintenance work during the Spring Festival of the hydropower station.He told reporters that the hydropower station has provided electricity and roads to Nanting village, and helped build schools and clinics in the village. Everyone is willing to work at the power station.Here, I can learn professional techniques such as measurement and increase my income. At the same time, I can feel the rigorous, meticulous and hard-working spirit of Chinese colleagues and witness the responsibility and responsibility of Chinese enterprises.In order to save time and improve efficiency, everyone sat on the ground at the mouth of the tunnel and had a meal of instant noodles and mineral water at noon.It is also a rare leisure time to listen to birds and watch green mountains.”You say it is impossible to be homesick. The youngest daughter is more than two years old and I have been with her for less than two months.To participate in the Belt and Road initiative, create light for the Lao people and contribute to china-Laos friendship, my family are proud of me and understand my work, “Chen said.As the representative work of Laos energy development and cooperation between the two countries, south Russia’s total installed capacity of 120 megawatts, 5 hydropower station has entered the commercial operations since 2012, has been the safe operation of the 3300 days, the cumulative power exceeds 3.8 billion KWH, become the northern capital, vientiane and stable power supply quality, continue to contribute to Laos social and economic development and the well-being of the,He was awarded the Lao National Labour Medal.”In his New Year’s speech for 2022, President Xi specifically mentioned the courage and perseverance of Chinese enterprises and other personnel stationed overseas. My colleagues and I feel very warm after hearing this. We will do our work well, please rest assured!”Chen Zhichao tone firmly said.