PDF tool for image operation

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I am Xiaolin xinji, share my own development of small tools, I hope to help you!There have been six versions of THE PDF tool I made before, all of which are about the operation of PDF files. Recently, I have sorted out some operation functions about pictures and other common operations, which are simply put into this PDF tool, which is similar to the toolbox collection.Version number: 1.7 New features: Picture zooming, picture compression, and picture stitching.01 Image Zooming in/out Function Description: Zoom in/out according to the preset zooming range. The original image is 100. If the zooming range is smaller than 100, the original image is zoomed in.For example, if the length and width of the original image is 800*600 and the zoom value is 50, the length and width of the scaled image is 400*300.If the zoom value is 200, the length and width of the zoomed image is 1600 x 1200.In simple terms, it’s scaling down or scaling up.Function use: first click browse button to select the picture to be zoomed, then enter the zooming range, and click the Zooming button to save the zoomed picture.The image below shows the result of scaling by 50%, and you can see that the width and height are reduced by half.02 Image compression function description: Commonly used image formats include BMP, PNG, JPG. In the case of the same length and width, JPG is the smallest and BMP is the largest.This compression is to convert the image format to JPG format, in order to reduce the size of the picture, to achieve the purpose of compression.Function use: first click browse button to select the picture to be zoomed, and then click compress button to save the zoomed picture.The image below has been converted from PNG to JPG and is 1/20th the size of the original image.This function is the literal meaning, is the Mosaic of multiple pictures to a picture, can choose horizontal or vertical Mosaic (the default is vertical Mosaic), is not to remove the overlap and merge the meaning ah.As for the length and width of the merged image, if it is longitudinal stitching, the width of the merged image is the width of the widest image in the picture list, and the height is the sum of the height of all images. The left aligned part is filled with white.For horizontal stitching, the height of the merged image is the height of the highest image in the image list, and the width is the total width of all images, aligned on the top, and filled with white space.Function to use: choose the add button image stitching, can add need stitching images (pops), add finished, you can delete the list of images, also can adjust splicing sequence, joining together the order is for Mosaic in order according to the list, then select the longitudinal or transverse splicing, click the generate button images, save the composite image.The first one is a vertical Mosaic, the second one is not wide enough, and the extra space is white.Welcome to use and put forward valuable comments, I am the program ape xiaolin new record, I hope you pay more attention to!