Lost gate, now only in the modern square to watch the intersection of the two rivers

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“Chongqing city red rock soul fengdu river over ghost door, jiefangbei Chaotianmen feng Shui to help you repair them” this is GAI chongqing words singing “Chongqing soul”, song said are foggy chongqing famous scenic spots, especially chaotianmen, is a very historic place.Chongqing Chaotianmen is located at the confluence of Jialing River and Yangtze River on the Yuzhong Peninsula of Chongqing city. The original title of the gate has four characters “Ancient Chongqing Xiongguan”, which is one of the 17 ancient gates in Chongqing.The origin of the name of this gate is very interesting. During the Southern Song Dynasty, imperial envoys from the Yangtze River passed through this gate from time to time, and local officials came here to receive the imperial edits, so we got the name Chaotianmen.At the same time, Chaotianmen is also the hub of the two rivers, chongqing’s largest water pier, boats shuttle, the riverside pier densely.The largest and best docks are docked by government ships, with smaller docks reserved for civilian ships.As a result, the area has become the most prosperous commercial wholesale and retail area in Chongqing.However, chaotianmen Gate Tower, a symbol of the ancient City of Chongqing with a history of at least 550 years, disappeared with it.According to historical records, in order to expand the scale and solve the problems of narrow streets and traffic congestion after the establishment of Chongqing, docks and roads were expanded, and the old buildings including city walls, gatehouses and houses were demolished in batches.Chaotian Gate was the first gate to be demolished in this round of demolition because of its traffic importance.There is not even a photograph of the city gate.So what to see at Chaotianmen now?Well, of course, it is to see the scenery, look at the jialing River green, look at the Yangtze river yellow, look at the intersection of the two water bite and roll, look at the rapid eddy of wild horses pentium.Stand on chaotianmen Square and have a panoramic view of everything.Built on the wharf, chaotianmen Square looks like a 10,000-ton ship sailing far away, so chaotianmen Square is also called the “Titanic” of Chongqing.Walk down the stone stairs of the wharf and pass through the doorway of chaotianmen. Once again, you can see the intersection of the two rivers, the yellow Yangtze river and the green Jialing River, forming a unique landscape, like the hot pot with Chongqing characteristics!It’s completely different from what you see in chaotianmen Square.Few of the many visitors likely to come to the gate will notice the three big red characters inscribed on the gate frame overhead: Chaotianmen.At night, when you stand on the dock platform and look across the river, the lights of the Chongqing Grand Theater on the other side are bright, echoing with the lights on both sides of the dock. The magnificent “body” of the Grand Theater and the sparkling river surface are also reflected on the river surface, forming a beautiful and moving picture.Chaotianmen Pier should be just like other cities, full of old people, so that the precious memory of the whole city.It is precisely because of this memory that a city can develop better, more people can understand and feel the charm of this city, and experience the special significance of Chaotianmen Dock to chongqing.Although today chaotianmen this area is inclined to modernization, but his historical essence, and those beautiful scenery will not be changed!Feel with your heart and listen with your ears!Pay attention to forget dust, take you to know more tourism information!