“Fall in love with big president” she accidentally bump into his arms, he a cuddle: a lifetime don’t want to run

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There are so many types of network novels, but you book friends fall in love with ancient Chinese novels. How much fate do you think this is?Hahaha!Speaking of which, I believe we can’t wait!So let’s get to the subject together!Small make up today to introduce the “fall in love with big boss” she accidentally bumped into his arms, he put her arms around: a lifetime don’t want to run the first: “fall in love with big boss” author: dance of the content on the main line, the fall in love with big boss she accidentally bumped into his arms, he put her arms around: a lifetime don’t want to run contents: turned to Ye Xiaojing GuanWenXiang said:”Miss Ye, please report to secretary He on time tomorrow. She will tell you what to do.As for your salary, the baseline is $100,000 a month, plus bonuses and bonuses.”As soon as this figure was reported, there was a lot of air pumping sound around her, and people looked at Ye Xiaojing with envy or jealousy.Ye Xiaojing had stayed there, she really did not think of Guan Wenxiang will say such words, until he left, she still stood there, completely immersed in the shock he brought her.So she didn’t hear a word of what the people around her were saying until Xu came and touched her, and she recovered from her surprise.”Xiaojing, congratulations!”Xu congratulated her sincerely.”Where is he?”Look around, found Guan Wenxiang has disappeared, she did not care and A wei polite, urgent asked.”Well, he just left –” She rushed out before He could finish.”Chief, PRESIDENT, please wait!!”Ye Xiaojing ran out of breath and finally caught up with Guan Wenxiang before the elevator closed.”What else?”He stared at her some lost, because of running and rose red yan face, let a person can not help but want to stretch out his hand to touch.”Why?”Her eyes stared at him without blinking.”What why?(Click below to read it for free.)Author: kettle yu writes wonderful content: “that collect interest first good.”There is endless charm in a man’s smile.Cenjo didn’t know what was going on, he just felt a heat in his waist.His broad hands completely grasped her delicate waist.Long fingers, pick up her chin.Her breath tight, his cold thin dyed with fragrance lips, covered her lips.Cenjo expected the kiss to be gentle, at least that was how the man had made her feel — but no!When two people meet, it’s like dry wood meets fire.He kissed her passionately and madly, and each stroke seemed to devour her.The tip of your tongue lifts her lips and holds her trembling uvula in your mouth. Suck, suck, and pick.This man was a surprisingly good kisser. Cenjo had no experience in this field and was drunk, so she was helpless in front of him.Soon her legs gave way and she could hardly stand.Nearby, yu Fei, the man’s assistant, watched in amazement.Is……Are you confused?!The famous Mr. Shang is known for his love of himself. Over the years, no matter whether he is a partner or a business rival, he has never turned a blind eye to many honey traps.Highlights: (click below to read for free) the third book: “Famous marriage: robbed bride” author: nine hundred million president of the wonderful content: Xiu Xia seems to be able to foresee yu Bin’s next move, and avoid the same in advance.Xiu Xia avoids yu Bin’s fist again, say: “if you force me to move again, I am afraid will have some suffering.”Yu Bin does not pay attention to, at this time he is like an angry lion, just want to tear the front of the summer.Shuxia shook his head, followed the direction of the hexagram, and then he attacked.The process of counterattack is very simple, xiuxia step ahead, and then his dodge, twist hips, waist and a series of action accumulated potential energy, with a simple fist to hit forward.And this time, Yu Bin as long as expected good this one punch, will be his chest to this sudden fist, to meet up.Yu Bin even in anger, but also rely on all their strength in the counterattack, leaving no room.And he, but wrong, how he can not escape from xiu Xia’s calculations!Xiu Xia’s right hit yu Bin in the chest.Air as if appeared invisible ripple, air pressure in the short instant between contraction, was hit yu Bin decisively flew out, the body fell heavily on the ground.Jin Lili screamed and rushed up to help Yu Bin immediately.Shuxia looked back at Park and said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t hurt him.Remember, get out of here at once!”Before the words were finished, the man was floating a few meters away.Pu Weian limped, zigzagging to catch up, the mouth straight shouted the name of repair summer.But his back quickly disappeared into the fog.(Click below to read for free) She accidentally bumped into his arms, he hugged: a lifetime don’t want to run do not know xiaobian today this book list, whether let you book friends heart?If you have a better novel, please share with us!Don’t forget to leave your lovely footprints in the comments section!