The so-called ancestor is the ancestor before the ancestor but the occurrence of these four conditions will lead to the ancestor after the ancestor

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Initiate yue Zu, Shoucheng Yue Zong.Temple name is China and even the Confucian cultural circle within Korea and Vietnam.An important symbol that determines the life of a monarch.Students who have a preliminary understanding of temple horn culture will have such a confusion.Generally speaking, ancestors.Ancestor before ancestor.But there are special cases where the ancestor is the queen.Why does this happen? It happens in four special cases.Listen to the editor break down the four kinds.The imperial family jing difficult, continuous changes.For example, Zhu Di usurpated the throne of his nephew Huizong, Emperor Jianwen and Zhu Yunwen.The succession has changed.Therefore, Zhu Di is actually considered as the emperor of creation, and the temple name was designated as Chengzu.This was not common in the Central Plains, but more common in the Joseon dynasty.Every king with a temple name has a bloody history of usurpation.Re-empire.The most typical example is liu Xiu’s restoration of the Han Dynasty.He was posthumously named King Sejo.It is interesting that the temple name of Emperor Liu Che was Shizong.Sejo was king Sejong.Liu Bei revived the Han dynasty in Shu and was honored as the fierce ancestor by later generations.Chasing zun did not claim the emperor, but lay the ancestral temple name of the emperor.For example, the Sima family usurped wei. Sima Yan succeeded his grandfather Sima Yi as The great ancestor and Sima Zhao as the great ancestor.His uncle Sima shi was revered as King Sejong.Sima Yan was later honored as the Great Ancestor.Thus, the phenomenon of Shizu after Shizong appeared in Chinese history.The ethnic minority regime in the Central Plains followed the ancestral temple name that laid its foundation outside the Border.This situation is somewhat similar to the previous situation, but not exactly the same.For example, Huangtaiji was already emperor Jianyuan outside guan.But the temple name is still Taizong.The name of shunzhi temple entering the pass is Shizu.Kublai Khan, on the other hand, after he unified China, followed the example of the Han system and honored the previous Kings who called him emperor.Genghis Khan is the great Ancestor, while Kublai Khan is revered as the great Ancestor.There are several cases between them.​