Power spring conference!Supply chain gears up for Apple iPhone SE3

2022-05-30 0 By

It’s been almost two years since the release of the iPhone SE2, but many consumers are eagerly awaiting its successor, the iPhone SE3.As is customary, Apple will hold its spring product launch event in March, which will also feature the iPhone SE3.Previously, the iPhone SE2 still used the iPhone 8 shell and did not support 5G, but the iPhone SE3 not only supports 5G, most likely equipped with A15 (energy-saving version) chip, the appearance may be greatly changed.Recently, the Eurasian Economic Commission database has appeared iPhone SE3 related regulatory models, known corresponding to three models, respectively A2595, A2783 and A2784, so iPhone SE3 may be equipped with three different capacities as the previous generation.Most likely 64GB/128GB/256GB, but 128GB/256GB/512GB is not ruled out.Suppliers of components related to iPhone SE3 have also been exposed, and in order to ensure capacity, suppliers have started to adopt appropriate policies and plans to ensure factory manpower requirements.(Figure source network) According to industry chain news, Foxconn iDPBG business group immediately recruit general workers at the start of the New Year, the recommended bonus up to 8000 yuan, it can be seen that the demand in the first quarter of this year is quite strong, but also to a certain extent to make up for the loss of manpower before the Lunar New Year.In addition to Foxconn, TSMC, Big Light, Yujingguang and other key component suppliers also announced that they have entered a state of war, an unusual “recruitment season.”The performance improvement and energy efficiency ratio improvement of the A15 processor is visible to all users, so the iPhone SE3 is expected to significantly improve the battery life level.As the positioning of iPhone SE series belongs to the dessert level of iPhone, its mission is to lower the threshold of buying iOS devices, and ordinary users will not have to consider buying again in terms of price like iPhone digital series.Word on the Internet is that the iPhone SE3 will start at $399, the same price as the iPhone SE2.Would you consider buying an iPhone SE3?What pain points could be improved on in the series?Welcome to leave a comment.