Illegal sales, tiandi source Dan Xuan Fang was fined 1.65 million yuan

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On February 10, the official website of the high-tech Zone transportation and housing Construction Bureau notified tiandi Source Co., Ltd. of the handling of illegal sales.According to the notice, During the period from 2013 to 2018, Tiandi Yuan Co., LTD sold 116 houses in building 5# and 6# of Tiandi Yuan · Danxuan Fang project without obtaining the pre-sale license of commercial housing.The traffic and Housing Construction Bureau fined 1.65 million yuan for the illegal sales.Current, heaven and earth source share limited company already pressed the requirement pay fine, and dealt with the commodity housing of the above – mentioned building to open – sale permit.In order to protect people’s legitimate rights and interests, the government decided to allow those families to choose houses without a lottery if they are qualified to buy, the circular said.Earlier, related content also appeared on the government message board of People’s Daily Online.According to the housing authority’s requirements, developers must make public all housing listings at once, the comment said.And in the publicity of The Project of Tiandi Source Danxuan Fang in Xi ‘an High-tech Zone, part of the housing is in the “missing” state. Is Tiandi Source Danxuan Fang suspected of hiding housing?According to the housing and urban-rural development Bureau reply visible, after checking, the world source Dan Xuan Fang project has not been publicized.According to the administrative penalty information publicity of Xi ‘an Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau portal website on June 12, 2020 “2020 has made administrative penalty decision of the project list (the fifth batch)”, the project has illegal sales behavior, the details of specific housing to the subsequent publicity shall prevail, for the details of illegal sales of housing will be publicized in the follow-up.Network red disk “is not” as the high-tech zone “network red disk”, the source of heaven and earth Danxuan Fang because of its location in the high-tech zone core location, mature and high upside down, has been the focus of home buyers.On August 29, 2021, the world source Danxuan Fang project published 32 sets of large housing, the average price of 29200 yuan /㎡, compared with the average price of 60,000 yuan /㎡ of the second-hand housing market in the same period, a second-hand housing price upside down greatly.But then, due to the cancellation of the filing day, the cause of a moment of uproar.January 20 this year, the world source Dan Xuan Fang again for the record publicity, according to the publicity found that the project publicity 5 buildings 361 sets of housing, housing area of about 91-341 square meters, the average price of 26,000 / square meters, rough delivery.Now, heaven and earth source Dan Xuan Fang again because of fines 1.65 million yuan into the field of vision.Review: Project suspension lead disturbance on the evening of December 17, 2021, Tianyuan Co., Ltd. issued a lawsuit announcement said: the company’s subsidiary Xi ‘an Real Estate branch in December 16, 2021 received shaanxi Province Xi ‘an Intermediate People’s Court “lawsuit notice” ((2021) Shaanxi 01 Early Civil 1642).The company and its subsidiary Xi ‘an Real Estate Branch were sued to Xi ‘an Intermediate People’s Court as defendants, with the amount of 85.9115 million yuan.According to the announcement, on May 12, 2014, the plaintiff, Shaanxi Construction Engineering Sixth Construction Group Co., LTD., and the defendant, Xi ‘an Real Estate Branch of Tiandi Yuan Co., LTD., signed a bidding Contract of Tiandi Yuan · Danxuan Fang Phase III Project.It is agreed that the plaintiff contracts with the defendant in Building no. 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 17, 18 and 19 of Danxuan Fang Phase III Project, No.76 Gaoxin Road, Gaoxin District. The contract stipulates that the commencement date is July 1, 2014, and the contract amount is 276 million yuan.The plaintiff claims to have received the Commencement Report on May 18, 2019, but the actual commencement date is overdue compared with the original contract. Therefore, the plaintiff applies for adjusting the contract price. In addition, due to the suspension caused by the defendant, the defendant shall increase the contract price and economic loss.The plaintiff demands: Apply for a legal order to the defendant to pay the project progress payment of 73,115,100 yuan to the plaintiff since the entrance;The defendant was ordered to pay the plaintiff RMB 12,796,500 yuan in economic losses from July 3, 2019 to April 30, 2020;It is confirmed that the plaintiff enjoys the priority of compensation for the price of danxuan Fang Phase III project, located at no.76 gaoxin Road, High-tech Zone, Xi ‘an, within the scope of the project payment owed by the defendant.Heaven and earth source said, because has not opened a court hearing, the impact temporarily cannot be assessed.The company has paid the progress payment agreed in the project construction contract and subsequent agreements signed by both parties.The above lawsuit amount mainly because of labor costs, material costs and other differences caused by adjustment.(Source: Xixi News)