This Spring Festival, anti-fraud police Lao Chen has a new plan

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“Hello, I am anti-fraud anchor, excuse me, what anchor are you?”In 2021, the “anti-fraud police Lao Chen” became popular and received over 100 million likes from netizens after the network anchor lianmai publicized the App of the National Anti-fraud Center.Chen Guoping, 44, is a common police officer in the Harbour branch of qinhuangdao Public Security Bureau in Hebei Province.Because anti-fraud propaganda is so popular on the Internet, he said it was “quite accidental”, but the story behind it is not simple.Chen began to promote anti-fraud offline. Chen first came into contact with anti-fraud in 2017.As telecom fraud cases increase year by year, he belongs to the criminal police brigade set up anti-fraud squadron, fraud cases become the main work of Chen.Telecom fraud often involves a variety of methods, with money being wired into the scammers’ accounts and then quickly transferred.At that time, Mr. Chen often traveled to two cities a day, sometimes skipping meals.But what really hurts him is that sometimes, even after successful cases are solved, the money is squandered by criminals.”Even if I break my legs all year round, I can only solve so many cases a year.”Chen and his colleagues figured that instead of chasing scammers, they should spread the word to the public and prevent them at the source.Chen and his colleagues went to the community to publicize anti-fraud, pull banners, send leaflets, pull owners wechat group…It was a hard time, but the publicity was limited.Chen, a former soldier, refused to concede defeat and began to think of a new way.In 2018, Chen saw his mother watching short videos on her mobile phone, which inspired him: short online videos might be a good way to promote people.Chen’s first anti-fraud drama was based on a campus loan case solved in his district.Since then, Chen has shot more than 20 anti-fraud dramas, including “killing pig plate” fraud, impersonating the public security law fraud, naked chat fraud and so on.But short films take a lot of time and effort, sometimes one or two months to produce a film.Old Chen thought, still have to think of another way.In September 2020, with the popularity of live streaming, Chen began to experiment with live broadcasting.At first he was uncomfortable in front of the camera and his case studies were dry, with few people in the studio.Chen has never given up on finding and honing his own way of broadcasting.He saw that some anchors connected with the mai effect is good, and tried to face to face with the Internet users through the mai communication.Although not much good eloquence, but many years of anti-fraud experience, so that Old Chen has been familiar with all kinds of fraud.In the studio, Chen gave psychological counseling to victims of fraud, persuaded suspects to give themselves up, and turned over living expenses to poor college students who were cheated.His hard work is paying off, with up to 30,000 simultaneous viewers.He told netizens that in 2021, Mr. Chen found that netizens still prefer a lively atmosphere of live broadcasting.So he upgraded his anti-fraud propaganda methods again, broadcasting live as “Lian MCPK” and changing his opening line to: “I am anti-fraud anchor, what are you?”In September last year, Chen randomly connected a microphone to some network anchors, who were a little panicked when they saw the police, “I’m a funny anchor, brother, I didn’t commit anything.”The police and the anchor even mai PK, different styles attracted tens of millions of netizens to watch, Lao Chen’s live broadcast room suddenly lively.The theme of Chen’s live broadcast was to promote the National Anti-fraud Center App to whomever he reached.Later, even some anchors took the initiative to print the picture of “National Anti-fraud Center App” and “hand in homework”. Many anchors and Mr. Chen even began to publicize themselves in the studio.Downloads of the National Anti-fraud Center App exploded.’I didn’t expect it,’ Mr. Chen said. ‘Life has not changed much since then, but it has become busier.’Faced with the sudden explosion, he calmly analyzed the reasons behind: “I think it’s because I know what the masses like, and I know what the victims and cheaters think.”Although some people on the Internet questioned the “police are not doing their job properly”, Chen did not regret the live broadcast.As long as the counter-propaganda works well, his efforts are worth it.This Spring Festival, Mr. Chen warned that the holiday should also have a sense of prevention, vigilance red envelope trap, unidentified links do not randomly point, “fraud is around us, do not be too confident!”In the New Year, in addition to live broadcasting, Chen is also thinking about other publicity channels. “Where the masses are, our anti-fraud propaganda should go to where.”Producer/Producer Xu Bing/Editor ma Wenjia/Reporter Zhang Zhida & AMP;Editor/Gao Dandan editing/Sui Bangke Kuaishou team proofreading/Gao Shaozhuo co-ordinator/Division Hong Liu Haolin Xin Jia Zehui