Tesla Musk’s Starlink may have lost 40 satellites to geomagnetic storms

2022-05-29 0 By

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s Internet service provider Starlink recently lost some of its satellites after a geomagnetic storm, destroying about 40 of them.According to the official foreign media blog post, Musk said that of the 49 Starlink satellites launched on February 3, 2022, about 40 were destroyed by geomagnetic storms.The storm created “50 percent more drag than previous launches,” which prevented the newly launched satellite from reaching the optimal orbit around the Earth.Despite Starlink’s best efforts to limit the damage, 40 satellites ended up burning up in Earth’s atmosphere, unable to reach their correct destinations.In fact, SpaceX’s ISP division recently announced that it has already sent more than 2,000 satellites and plans to launch 12,000 more.So while the loss of 40 May not affect the overall number, it’s still a pretty expensive loss, with nearly all of the Falcon 9’s payload destroyed.Interestingly, the company also took the opportunity to show off the tiny impact its satellites make on the sky.Space debris and debris have been a growing concern in recent years, and Starlink’s satellite has been criticized for its plans to launch thousands of satellites.Among other things, astronomers have accused the brand of spoiling images of the night sky because the satellites end up leaving streaks on space images.That means it’s harder for astronomers to spot potentially dangerous asteroids.