People to say: do not let the restaurant’s invisible charges become the law

2022-05-29 0 By

Hidden consumption has a long history in the catering industry.Tableware fee, table fee, paper towel fee, tea fee, tea table fee, service fee, sauce fee, baking plate fee, etc., the food has not been on the table, less a few yuan, more than dozens of yuan has been spent out.All kinds of patterns of charging items, suspected of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.What is universal is not necessarily legitimate.In real life, it has become a common practice to “buy a bowl first” and spend money separately with tissues when dining out.Is it really a “small thing” to charge for cutlery, paper towels, etc.?Not at all.Although the amount is not large, but no matter how little money is spent, there should be a statement, which is related to consumer rights and interests.According to Article 10 of the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law, consumers have the right to fair trade.When purchasing commodities or receiving services, consumers shall have the right to obtain fair trading conditions such as quality assurance, reasonable price and correct measurement, and shall have the right to reject the compulsory trading acts of business operators.This means that the restaurant as a service provider, to provide consumers with safe and clean tableware, paper towels and so on is a part of the consumption contract, which is the premise to ensure that consumers eat, is the legal obligation of restaurant operators.Dining-room collects tableware fee, paper towel fee to wait, consumer should be justified and strong ground refuses.Tableware charge, for example, consumers repast, restaurant operators profit, if the fee charging consumers tableware again at the same time, many will tableware cleaner, tableware disinfection equipment cost and other business costs to consumer, what is more, also all kinds of invisible “while” wool, plus a tea money, fees, etc., the “part” of the restaurant into a “extra”,Violated the principle of good faith, also encroach on the choice of consumers.In fact, dining-room operator should be in offer accord with wholesome standard free on the foundation of tableware, offer the charge tableware that marks a price clearly separately, want to inform actively before consumer repast, let its choose independently.Need to understand, as consumers, when dining in the restaurant encounter unreasonable charges, to more serious strength, intolerance, do not acquiesce, have the right to ask the restaurant to return the relevant fees.At the same time, we should pay attention to the preservation of consumer bills, transfer records and other vouchers, once a consumer dispute, you can complain to the market supervision and management department, timely pick up legal weapons, protect their legitimate rights and interests, force catering units to operate in compliance.For restaurant operators, do not have a fluke psychology, although the amount of invisible consumption is not much, the vast majority of consumers did not go to the truth, but the tolerance of consumers should not become businesses to exploit loopholes for profit means, so the “way to make money” is not desirable, sooner or later to drop their own feet!At the end of the day, to really solve the problem of restaurant invisible consumption, in addition to intensify propaganda, guide the catering enterprises self-discipline, law-abiding business, need more regulators to intensify law enforcement, strengthen the “normal” law enforcement, continue to strengthen law enforcement effect, at the same time, crack down various enroach on consumer rights and interests of wrongdoing, more “,”For the existence of hidden consumption of the restaurant ordered rectification, the warning is still not rectification, will be investigated in accordance with the law, to investigate together, education a number of role.Only all aspects of society to act together, in order to stop this infringement of consumer interests of the crooked wind.