New Year feeling: life geometry, what on earth?

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20022 Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, because of the epidemic, back to the countryside, had a quiet year of the tiger!Due to the epidemic, the village has set up inspection posts to check and register vehicles entering and leaving the village.A village of several hundred people, requiring a 7-by-24 shift, has only six people, two per shift, which means eight hours of duty in every 24 hours.After three days someone collapsed and had to seek help from others in the village.Festival period is the busiest time in the village, this time, can only call on the old party members, all called to the people also did not refuse, this moment, I saw the grassroots cadres is not easy, grassroots party members of the quality of people admire.Have a small shop in the village, one to, during the Chinese New Year is a lot of foreign workers return young people gathered to play CARDS, even if, in accordance with relevant provisions of the disease management can only be gathered 10 people, but the place as the core of “entertainment” in the village, bright lights, night, become a year these migrant workers are “chess exchange”.There are only two results: the winner is triumphant because he has doubled his earnings from a year of hard work in a single day;The loser loses a year’s hard-earned income and inwardly encourages himself —- to come again next year.Out of the young life more a lot of people have been unable to integrate into the life of the countryside, home can only take a walk everywhere, see the people in the village is not much, at most nod to greet, in a hurry through……..These people have been slowly walking away from the life and psychology of this village, this life state, it is conceivable that the next generation, they will be from this rural state to the city life.Rural economy is developing, there are also formal organizations and identity of village organization grass-roots staff.Epidemic prevention and control is the main work, but the talk is more about economic development.Economic thinking has penetrated into every stage and every organization.However, the transition of economic thinking is chilling. The development line and political thinking of first-tier and second-tier cities in the past 20 years are being carried out in towns and villages below the fifth-tier. Maybe this is a link in the economic law.During the Spring Festival, students who have not seen each other for many years take out Chinese cigarettes. With their monthly income of thousands of yuan, they should not be able to smoke this kind of cigarettes often.And I took out a dozen of Zhongnanhai, they will show from the heart of happiness.I am also very happy, but also had to be happy to take their forced to give me the Chinese smoke, put their own Zhongnanhai back into the pocket.Life has a lot of experience, met is fate, can let somebody else happy, I am also very happy!Some people with more education experience and more financial contacts have started to play funds, futures, virtual currency;In terms of income, he became the top class in the village.But they are also unhappy and full of unhappiness;After making tens of millions of dollars a year, they lost 90% in three days.This is the life of this group, fast in and out, high leverage, just like taking a strong medicine of life, live much faster than others, much more arbitrary, but do not find the beauty of life, because they have no time to care…….A complicated New Year, encountered complex life, feeling the development of the world and society, let the people live a good life, but the people who have lived a good life, but show life.Maybe it’s because of the development of society.The ancients said, “When people are warm, they think about lust.” In fact, it is not true. People who are warm have different opinions, and their “thoughts” are also ever-changing.In fact, it is very simple, as a person, the most valuable thing: not a house, not money, not a seat, not this society gives you attributes.This thing is only the nature of society and acquired you, it is only temporary in you, these things can be stored in anyone.The most valuable thing a person has is their health, cognition and emotions.All these things exist because you exist, and disappear because you disappear.Do these things and you are a real, complete, authentic person.