Lakers vs. Warriors preview: Westbrook could be back!Three big three combined lakers guest war can reverse warriors?

2022-05-29 0 By

The NBA regular season continues with the Lakers visiting the Golden State Warriors on Feb. 13 at 9:30 a.m. Et/PT.The lakers are ninth in the Western Conference with a 26-30 record in 56 regular-season games, averaging 110.9 points and 112.5.After a 107-105 road loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, the most embarrassing part of the lakers’ two-game losing streak was their performance, which went from a complete loss to the Bucks to a loss to the Blazers.Short of leverage, the Lakers didn’t move at the trade deadline, and they didn’t give up westbrook, the source of the team’s conflict.They might be better off keeping Westbrook for the rest of the season.The Lakers have an advantage inside against a warriors team without Green, and they should take advantage of Davis and lebron to attack.If the Lakers can do better inside, it will help ease the pressure on the perimeter, with Bradley, Monk and others expected to deliver better shooting.The team could consider playing Westbrook off the bench, alternating with James and giving him the ball to do his job, while westbrook tries to find his offensive touch and focus on controlling his turnovers.The Warriors finished the regular season second in the Western Conference with a 41-15 record in 56 games, scoring 110.5 points per game while allowing 103.The team lost 114-116 at home to the Knicks in two straight games.Curry, who had 35 points and 10 assists against the Knicks, has been a big help on the offensive end, and his shooting has warmed up in recent games, giving the Warriors a better shot from the perimeter.Thompson, who scored 17 points in his last game, has seen a resurgence in offensive form, especially shooting from the perimeter.The Warriors also have lee, Payton, Anderson, and Kuminga on the bench to provide offensive help, which could make the offense more potent.Loony will be tested in the paint, he and Porter, Bielitsa to pressure Davis, as long as they can limit Davis offense, the Warriors will have a better chance of winning, the injured side of the Warriors only green one did not play, veteran number Wiseman still needs a period of recovery.