Guangdong Development Bank Chengdu Branch takes multiple measures to provide in-depth and detailed inclusive financial services

2022-05-29 0 By

Guangdong Development Bank Chengdu Branch adheres to the customer-centered approach and takes multiple measures at the same time, such as innovating credit products, developing regional characteristic programs and popularizing financial knowledge, so as to deepen and refine the work of inclusive finance, effectively meet the personalized needs of financial consumers and continuously improve the brand influence of financial services.Focus on the needs of the development of regional characteristics.Guangfa bank chengdu branch follow the national policy requirements, and in combination with pratt &whitney type small, pratt &whitney type precision agriculture, financial poverty alleviation clients such as diversified funding needs, formulate the guangdong development bank chengdu branch of liangshan prefecture accurate personal credit loans for poverty alleviation project “regions such as the characteristic, to ensure the timely and effective to introduce interest rate, the rate of preferential policiesTo provide financial momentum for the high-quality development of small and micro enterprises and the revitalization of rural economy.Government and enterprise cooperation to innovate credit products.Guangfa bank chengdu branch joint some science and technology innovation enterprise in chengdu, chengdu high-tech zone technology bureau launched “kochi is borrowed” the innovation credit product, by using business scoring system as the backing, solve kechuang type small micro credit between enterprises and financial institutions, to promote “technology + financial” effective docking, and continue to increase the supply of credit according to actual situation,Fully meet the loan needs of small and micro enterprises of science and technology innovation.Guarantee bank coordination, popularize financial knowledge.Guangdong Development Bank Chengdu Branch gave full play to the synergistic advantages of China Life Insurance Bank and cooperated with China Life Insurance In Sichuan to carry out public welfare theme publicity activities of “Popularize financial knowledge” and comprehensive financial business publicity activities to further enhance the public’s cognition and understanding of basic financial knowledge.At the same time, the bank deepened the coordination and cooperation with the Bank through joint publicity, in order to form the effect of propaganda diffusion with points, and promote the popularization of financial knowledge to go deeper and deeper.